No other rides showing up - in US

Is something wrong with Zwift servers? I am in the USA. I have restarted Zwift 3 times. I login fine - but the system cannot seem to find any robo-pace groups and will not teleport to anything. No other riders are showing up. My internet is fine and I am able to watch a youtube video. Any suggestions? After a reply from an ambassador, I have doubled and triple checked everything. I have totally restarted my computer and internet. No other apps are running. Zwift logs me in fine. I can go to any world. I rode on Tempus Fugit for an hour, then ended and saved My ride. My ride shows up (even in Strava), so everything else seems to be working fine just for me. It i s hard to believe that this is just me at this point. Has no one else complained about this issue?

Everything seems OK. Not hearing a lot of reports like this.

Do you have another device you can test it on? Phone or tablet?

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply

Apparently something has changed between yesterday and today with either my internet provider or my router or modem.

I tried connecting to my cell-phone using it as a hotspot and all the riders showed up - and robo-pacers too.

This is so odd to me that it would just stop working. I even restarted my router and modem again - and tried to reconnect to it - even though my computer says it has internet and I can play a video and do pretty much everything else needing internet - it doesn’t make sense that this one small function of Zwift is not working for me.

My next step I guess is to run a homerun line straight from my Pc to the router and see if I still have the issue.

What happens if you run Zwift on the phone using the same WiFi as the PC?

I have never run Zwift on my phone - always on the computer - how do I do that?

Just download Zwift, from the appropriate app store

Another common reason for inability to connect to Zwift is using company-provided hardware that has security policies pushed to it by IT staff. There are some TCP and UDP network ports used by Zwift that are not used by web browsers, documented here…

Check that you aren’t running a VPN, especially if this is a work computer.

I am at home - just doing my own thing on my private computer