Can’t see other zwifters / can’t find robopacer / error code L990 & L998 on start banner

Hello, since yesterday, I can’t find other zwifters - in races (start pen is empty and races start without me - start banner says L990…. And today L998)… - in group rides, can’t find robopacer and it times out saying « ride not available anymore « … - and solo rides, no other Zwifters….

I have an internet connection as the events are all on my Home Screen and my lonely solo rides upload without a hitch….

I have checked firewall settings as recommended by Zwift help but Zwift is an allowed app so that shouldn’t be the issue….

Any other ideas? How do I contact Zwift to ask

This is on a PC. Seems ok on my iPhone but using it for Zwift is a little hard on the eyes.
Thanks in advance

Based on your description, this is almost certainly some kind of network problem. Temporarily disabling the firewall might help.

To contact support go to this web page and keep banging on the door until the robot surrenders and prompts you to open a support case.