I can't see any other players and Robo Pacer

Hello, I can’t see any other players and can’t join Robo Pacer for 2 weeks. Can’t find any solution, the support chat AI suck. I cancel my membership NOW.
I follow ZWIFT guide, reset router,firewall. change network from ISP to 5G, not working. Use my cellphone android zwift app, not working too.
Log says
[23:27:15] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state
[23:27:15] [WARN] Unexpected HTTP response: [429] ‘’ for: GET
[23:27:16] [WARN] UDP connection timeout (4 so far), reconnection attempt 4

Are you in China by any chance?

Yes, I’m in China mainland now

See this thread, which was about an old issue like this that was fixed but seems to have reoccured recently - [China] No other riders in world [September 2023][SOLVED]

Thank you. I’ll check it out. My Win11 PC and cellphone can run VPN, but it doesn’t work too.

Thank you, Zwift. I can ride with others now. I don’t know what have changed in the Server or network thing, but it works. I can ride with VPN on.