No longer uploads to Club

Can we no longer upload our rides to our clubs? It don’t give me the ability to after my last ride.

It’s been working as usual for me. What does your end of ride screen look like? Post a picture if you can.

Hi @Adele_Sparke interesting report! I’m Norman, could you please share more information on this? As Paul said, a screenshot would be most helpful!


Thanks for looking into it, I’ll be back on Zwift tomorrow and see if it happens again and take a screenshot if it does.
Thanks :+1:t2:

It happened again, my club is normally on the right hand side of this screen isn’t it?
It don’t give me ability to upload to my club again.
FYI I’m on Apple TV

Hello @Norman and @Paul_Southworth. After restarting the Apple TV app and another workout, it still didn’t show my club in the right hand side when I got to the save page.
I’ll try shutting down the app and Apple TV today before I Zwift, and try again :wink:

I don’t know if it will help, but on Apple TV you should terminate the app after every use to avoid buggy behavior.

Other standard things you can try when Zwift on Apple TV isn’t working properly are removing and reinstalling the app, or performing a factory reset of the Apple TV.