Latest update broke adding activities to established club

It happened again! GRRRR…

One of the latest updates put the end of ride selection back to ‘NO CLUB’. Is there any way to get the 4 rides I’ve done assigned to a club rather than have them stuck out like that?

And how about not breaking that again. It seems that it hasn’t done that in a while, but approximately 4 days ago it got broken again.

I realize this is likely a redundant post, but when I searched for ‘club assign workouts’ got 50+ posts about clubs and workouts, and nothing in the first batch seemed relevant.


I believe there is no way to fix it unless support will do it for you

And with no comment from support, who knows… Disappointed though. I thought they fixed that tendency in the past.

Hi @Rob_C_Neo_2

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Are you saying this happens on the end ride screen of the Companion app, or the main game app?

Thanks for responding. At the end of the main game app. I clicked ‘end ride’, selected images, and didn’t realize it wasn’t set to a club, until the Monday, in the picosecond after I had clicked save as it was disappearing. I went in both and couldn’t see a direct way to assign them to a club. I was, as said above, surprised that the club didn’t carry over through the update.

It’s not a life ending thing if it can’t be changed, but why did the selected club reset.

Thanks again for finding this post/thread.