No helicopter view from app?

I spent the last week troubleshooting with various customer support people - because I can’t get the helicopter or drone view to work from the companion app. I’m relatively new - so I don’t know if it ever worked. Instead of a camera icon to change views like there is on my computer, the app icon looks like an eyeball.

The helicopter view seems crucial to me for practical reasons. If I’m struggling to stay close to the yellow beacon, a front facing view doesn’t help much if I’m just slightly ahead. And I learned the hard way- staying behind the beacon risks getting dropped if you ease up for a moment, so I realize I should stay just a length ahead of beacon. But I go in front and behind beacon, and changing from front view to rear view on the app - frequently- makes me dizzy. I just want an overhead shot so I can see slightly ahead AND behind me at once.

After a week of support- where they had me delete and reload app, they just told me - “oh, you can’t use those views from the app. As if they just realized that. I’d think a lot of people use that view from companion app - and if it didn’t work, I would not be the first to tell them. But many different support people kept telling me I had to do different things - or that more research was needed.

Now they tell me it just doesn’t work from the app - and I should post here to get the attention of their development team. They also said they’d pass the Info along to them too- but they still want me to post here - as if I need to lobby them to get other people to ask for this most basic and functionally important “feature” in the app.

I run Zwift from my new MacBook Pro with hdmi to large tv, and can’t string an hdmi to my bike. That’s why the app is so great….at least theoretically- if it had basic functionality.

Hi @Jeff_S1

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I never tried the different views form the app.

But as a suggestion why don’t you use a wireless Keyboard that will give you all the view options and more like easy typing to chat.


I use Apple TV and there are 2-3 views that are available by using the remote but not available when switching views using the companion app. Makes no sense to me why the app can’t let you select those extra views.


It’s never worked, in my two years of use. What is labeled 1-7 on ATV is available from Companion, but not 8, the helicopter view. It’s baffling.

Companion app cycles through cameras 1, 5, 4, 6, 7 and 3, then back to 1.

Missing are 2 (slightly zoomed in), 8 (helicam), 9 (overhead) and 0 (drone; PC/Mac only).


Jimmy, exactly. I’m baffled! And numerous support people had no idea!

It would be a relatively easy fix, I’d rhink, compared to all the magic that makes Zwift so amazingly awesome otherwise.

@gerrie, thanks.
I just bought a wireless keyboard from Logitech.
I assume I use it with my computer that’s running Zwift. I’ve never done keyboard controls. How do I change views with the keyboard? Is there a list of keyboard commands somewhere?
I saw some that also had wirelesss mouses. I hope I don’t need that too- as it’d be hard to use on the bike.

I thought a lot of people use the app.
And to me, at least as a newbie, the overhead view is critical to staying with the pack, which is also critical.

But the wireless keyboard is a brilliant idea. I never had one. I’m just worried about using yet another Bluetooth lane. I’m already using Bluetooth for wahoo. Cadence meter and heart rate meter. On my first unsuccessful go around with Zwift I ran into problems getting everything connected. Now I finally have it working and am terrified of messing it up. But this is important functionality.

I will give the wireless keyboard a try. I’ll look on Amazon for a water resistant one :-). If it interferes with my Bluetooth setup I can always return it.

You’ll still need a mouse tbh. I use an integrated touchpad.

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I found a wireless track ball to work the best on the bike.

I used one like this for a long time before I mounted a full kb and track ball infront of my bike.

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Wow Gerrie, you’ve got an awesome setup!
I just tested my Logitech keyboard and- with the help of the cheat sheet- just tap the numbers to change views! The helicopter is nice but I like the birds eye view most. I wasn’t riding, just viewing - to test the keyboard - but the wireless keyboard seems to do the trick. I didn’t have the nerve to also connect the power meter, HR meter and cadence to see if they plus the keyboard work together.

PLEASE work!

I did hear the companion app could work as some sort of Bluetooth bridge - but I am trying to keep it simple after earlier technology fails (which is why I use HDMI not the Apple TV which I bought exclusively for this purpose). Already have a Roku on that tv- but there’s no Zwift app on Roku (yet).
Thank you!!!

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Thanks that is what happen if you have been on Zwift for many years.

If you find Bluetooth issues try ANT+ I found it to be a lot more stable.

I have a fairly “clean” wireless environment in my bike room but I run wired keyboard/mouse just to ensure it stays that way. Probably not the same range of options in combined mouse/keyboards in wired vs wireless, but worth remembering as people tend to have old wired devices laying around.

Back to Walmart to return the keyboard if it doesn’t work. . I’ll look for one with ant +.
But I don’t think MacBook can use ant + unless you add a dongle and my ports is already being used for hdmi. I was hoping to keep this simple :-).
Simple solution might be for Zwift to fix this absurd deficiency in the app! :frowning:


ANT+ is for the sensors (ie power cadence and HR)

you don’t need any of that extra stuff, I use the remote mouse app which turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and touchpad. Works for me and it is free.

This does kind of jide the issue though - why is the functionality not in the companion app?

It is the age old zwift approach - something goes wrong, is broken or never worked properly, someone finds a workaround and so no need to actually fix the problem.

Happens time and time again.


I posted a thread a long time ago with a laundry list of Companion App upgrade suggestions: Companion App UI cleanup: DELETE BUTTONS - #42 by Liz_J

The thread ran its course and I requested it be closed. I suspect Zwift HQ has a roadmap for software updates but the Companion is way down the list as it’s “mostly functional” as it is. I too would like to have access to all the camera views from the Companion.

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Thank you.
Remote mouse app. Brilliant!!
Downloading that and if it works, returning the keyboard.

But you get my point- why not just do what should be a relatively easy fix?? And they were so adamant abuse me coming to the forums. As if to say

  1. do this to get the attention of the developers (rather than just going via customer support)
  2. maybe they’ll have an idea there about how to work around it. Because unless you put together a huge lobbying campaign - it’s not going to get fixed.

Will look at your recommended app updates. Hope the development team does too.


100% with you on this, as I said there is a history in zwift of there being a problem, someone finds a workaround and zwift then completely ignores the problem.

This should be such an easy fix but my guess is it will remain as is.

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Launcher flickering says hi


I was thinking of you when i typed that!

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That’s such a fascinating observation!

Perhaps more people here should voice their concerns about things like simply not being able to use helicopter, drone, birdseye views from companion app.
I can tell you that these technological workarounds get bulky and are a huge obstacle to people like me who are not technical and would like to just be able to enjoy this wonderful subscription service as a break from the daily grind - without it creating more headaches.

It’s enough to get me to end my subscription and maybe start again when they make some basic fixes.

Otherwise I’m just a paying beta tester.

I don’t mean to be overly dramatic. But I’ve had two false starts already where I couldn’t get the technologies to work together. Now I am finally Zwifting and loving it. The app is brilliant. But now that I’m getting into it I realize the practical importance of these different camera angles. It’s cool, yes, but it’s also important for user experience and using the game properly. There’s something to be said for keeping it simple. A little programming fix in the app would be an important step In that direction.