NO filling zwift image on screen by apple tv

good day, recently the image of zwift is no longer filling my screen. I have already tried to adjust resolution etc. But no result. Hopefully you can help me


A friend of mine got same problem … Neither resolutions changes or video settings reset solve the problem. It seems to appears since latest ATV OS update.

Have you sent a mail to zwift support ?


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All of a sudden today I have the same problem as shown in your image. It was working fine a couple days ago!

I have the same issue since the last update, works fine if I mirror from my iPhone 11 but not from my preferred method of the Apple TV

Had exactly the same. Screen is in the bottom corner of the tv and no connection to tickr hr strap… also maybe related but can’t get the companion app to work. The whole thing is basically un-usable

Same here.

I haven’t been on zwift for a few days but did download new OS onto MacBook today, wouldn’t have thought it would have impacted ATV but may have.