Apple TV update

Is anyone else getting tlZwift only now filling a portion of the screen since the latest Apple TV update?

Thankfully not! Also ATV4K but I’m “only” running it on a 32” screen…

YES, ME TOO! - just getting back into Zwift for the winter, and tried it out App on Apple TV last week to make sure everything is okay, worked just fine.

Bought a new Apple TV 4K for the lounge, and moved original into the basement to dedicate to Zwift and exactly this - it fills about 60% of the screen from the bottom left. All my other Apps display fine, tried deleting and reinstalling, but no improvement. 21 October 2019.

Even after the update, it’s still the same here. Also, my Wahoo Tickr connects with my Garmin ok but no longer the Apple TV.
A friend in Germany also has the same small screen issue.

I have one Apple TV with Zwift working fine on tvOS 12.4 & the other only showing small picture (bunched into bottom left corner) on tvOS13.0 / beta 13.2 …

Key message: turn off auto-update!

New to forum, is there a bug report page please ?

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working fine again now - I stopped the tvOS updating to 13.x, but the Zwift app must have updated, I’ve not checked the version.

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Yes, it’s really good again now after the latest update. The only issue that I have remaining is that my Wahoo Tickr HRM will no longer connect to my Apple TV