No drops after onscreen message

I did the new route Accelerate to Elevate this morning.
I was getting drops until the moment in the jungle where you bear left to go through a gate towards the Alpe. At this point a message came up on screen offering Zwift unlimited which I clicked no thanks or similar option to remove the message. After this point I had a message constantly displayed at the bottom of the screen saying ‘Trial Expired’. From here onwards my drops did not increase at all. After descending ADZ I ended my ride. On starting up Zwift again and joining a pace partner for a quick test I was still unable to see drops increasing! I ended the ride and looked whilst in the game at my badge/route awards. Here it’s not showing today’s route completion however on my phone using the companion app it’s showing complete.
Any Zwift gurus know what happened and can my drop loss be added?

Once you have used 25Km of free trial monthly distance, you immediately stop acquiring drops and do not get route badges, but you will still get XP until you finish the ride.

Hi, thanks for the reply but I’m actually on a monthly subscription and have been for years so I’m surprised by this to say the least!

Are you paying via Apple? If so, problems with renewal are common. If you pay on the Zwift website instead it will be more reliable. Apple will probably give you a refund if you recently renewed that way.

I think my payments are set up with PayPal and go through every month without failure (on my side).
Hopefully a Zwift admin/guru might read this post and reply :crossed_fingers:

You should contact Zwift support then.

Thanks I will :+1:

Hi Paul, after your suggestion which I didn’t think applied to me it seems I’m paying by Apple Pay via PayPal!
The day of my issue is the exact day of my payment which they got but this has happened once before a year or two ago now I’ve had time to reflect.
I’m going to end my subscription to renew direct to hopefully stop this glitch happening again.
Support did credit me the badge in game today as I’ve completed the route but they haven’t given me the bonus XP which is 825.
I’ve sent numerous easy to follow screenshots and maths pointing to this but they seem slow to offer to do it or maybe they can’t?
Anyway thanks for your question.

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