No bicycle color change visible on Apple TV 4k app

(J. H. Edmund Lee) #1

When choosing a bicycle on the Apple TV 4K app, I get a slider to change frame color, but the color stays the same dark gray. This was on the Parlee. Bug?

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey @J_H_Edmund_Lee when you restarted your app did you still see the slider keep the same color?

(J. H. Edmund Lee) #3

I tried modifying the color on my iMac Zwift application. It seems the Parlee bike has no color option. The Emonda has a little bit of color on the bike forks. Maybe the ATV app isn’t broken and the particular bikes are really mostly gray?


(James Bongard) #4

Same issue here on Apple TV 4K and the Parlee bike (haven’t tried other bikes though to see if it happens there as well).