Newly unlocked gear is inaccessible on Apple TV

(Aaron) #1

This is a bug that has been occurring consistently for me for a while. I searched the forums but didn’t see where it’s been discussed before.

On the Apple TV 4k, whenever new gear is unlocked and you go to the user customization menu to look at it, the new gear has a “new” label but the currently active gear is the only component that you are able to select and choose. You are unable to scroll away from the currently selected option. In my example i tried to scroll both left and right but was unable.

I had to log in from my phone to be able to highlight the newly unlocked Lightweight Meilenstein wheels such that they would no longer have the “new” label, and now the customization menu works fine again in the Apple TV.

(Lin) #2

You can’t change wheels or bikes in the middle of a ride. However, you can change kit in the middle of a ride.

(Aaron) #3

That would explain the wheels and bike being grayed out. Bah.

(Lin) #4

Nice tunes though :laughing:

(Aaron) #5

It’s the Eric Min spotify playlist. I quite like it. It’s basically a classic MTV hit list.

(Jim) #6

On the PC, you just have to be at a dead stop to change frames or wheels. You don’t have to end the ride.

(Aaron) #7

Good tip. I’ll give that a try with my next unlock.