No answers from Zwift Support?


I wonder if it is a general issue that Zwift support does not answer within one week?

What issue are you having, maybe it can be answered here.

(1) Bluetooth connection not working with Windows 10: When will this issue be solved?
(2) Massive performance issues with the Android device (since approx. November): Zwift Support got one example of log files, that was at least 7 days ago.

Do you have BLE 4.0 on your Win10 computer. You can also use the ZCA to bridge Bluetooth to the Win10 computer

Are you using the Win10 computer or the Android for the Zwift app?

Since the Windows10 update that left that device unusable (ANT+ does not work probably because of the power2max that commumicates with 5he Garmin via ANT+) I used the Zwift app on the Android smartphone.
Thanks die the Bluetooth Tipp, I will try to use the ZCA as a bridge