No activities recording and won’t upload to Strava

I did a free trial and did two rides, both of which weren’t recognised in the main zwift account and even though account is linked to Strava, nothing copied across.

When I first open the app on the iPad, my account name has how long I’ve ridden and and distance, but once in, nothing about any ride or progress I’ve made is noted…

I then signed up thinking that was the reason, but sadly nothing seems to record when I complete a ride… very frustrating already as I’ll have no progress to compare against which makes it pointless paying to be part of zwift…

Any ideas?


I like to think there are 4 key elements to Zwift:
The Zwift Ride and Run app
The Zwift Companion App
Your account
And if you choose, which most recommend, a account

Are you looking only in your Zwift game for details on each ride. If so they are not there. As you suggest you can find current ride information and cumulative totals there.

Your individual ride details can be found on the Companion App or by logging into your account.

The Companion App allows you to look at your own ride details and the ride details of other Zwifters who have not set their account to private. (If I have the correct David Crook I can see you have done 4 rides so far including 2 today)

The Companion App also allows you to check your Strava account is connected.

Info on Companion App, from a very useful 3rd party website, with link to the Companion App.

Hi Ian.
Thank you for the reply. Yes you have the correct account.

The zwift game hasn’t got any of the 4 rides recorded as in, I’ve made no progress on my level and covered no miles… only the startup screen shows that I’ve done something but it’s not actually showing progression through the levels…

I have the companion app and that also shows nothings when I open it…
Nothing about ride output or rides completed or miles… just I can’t even place a profile picture on it… so something isn’t right… I’ve linked Strava to companion too and it says it’s linked but guessing as the game and companion aren’t linking somehow that it’s not transferring data to Strava…

I’m adding a picture to show what companion is telling me… my profile is just blank

Any chance you are logged into the game on more than one device?


Look further down the list of David Crook. You may have set up two accounts or are looking at somebody else’s? [edit apologies not somebody else’s account, you would know your height ? So possibly two accounts if the one I’m showing is yours]

This is what I found

Hi Paul… no, only have it on the iPad

Hi again Ian…
Yes that is me… and my rides…
How is that even possible? I’m going to have to look into what’s going on.

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I’ve used the same email and passwords to access companion as I did the game

I’m not sure but found this post from years ago.

Have you tried logging into your account and see what is shown?

How do I get in touch with the member support team…
Strangely I’ve looked on my accounts and see one is a capital D and one is lower case but that’s the only difference but still logs me into the same account with no info when I use either.

I’ve looked in my Zwift and still has nothing listed…
I can’t see what details the game uses as I’ve paid on that too and it’s not saying I have on my zwift account!
I’m soo confused

Note that you will have to jump through some flaming hoops to actually reach a point where you can file a support request, so gird yourself with the persistence necessary to get there. Keep telling the silly robot that whatever it recommended is not working (unless it works). Carry on and you should get there eventually.

Thank you