First time user - first run - Not recorded in Zwift but yes in Companion APP?!

My 2km run is not recorded in Zwift and therefore not uploaded to Strava but it has registered in the companion App.

Can anyone help me please!

Can you see it on if so you can download it and manually upload it to Strava.

I can see a run you did about 12 hrs ago that is about 2km in length.

This might be obvious but make sure your Zwift account is connected to Strava. Do this from and you’ll get a Strava kit too.

I can’t see it! It just says 0 km logged - has the activity though.

I can see it on the companion app though?

Help! How come you can see it?

Paul, where have you seen my run??

It’s only showing up in my companion app but not in my zwift profile for me.


What device to you record the run on (PC, Mac, iOS, ATV or Android)?

I see the run on my Zwift Companion App.

You may have experienced an internet connection issue during the run, which would prevent the .fit file from properly saving and uploading. The run may be locally saved to your Zwift device. Here are instructions on how to locate a .fit file on your device. From there, you could manually upload it to your Strava account.

If this issue continues, I’d like you to submit a support ticket so we can help you out with this.

Thank you,

I have the same issue, despite running (close to) 200 miles now.

Here’s my screen shot from My Zwift. It shows me as a zero, too.

Yet, somehow, Zwift has not lost any of my runs, and I can see them from the companion app. And I’ve never had a problem. Just, sometimes that initial screen looks zero-y, empty and scary.

And From My iPhone (It becomes non-zero after a few seconds…)

If this workout is getting pulled-down from Zwift through the companion app, isn’t it already saved?

That’s what I’m thinking since I can see his run on my ZCA.

Either way depending on what device/platform he used he may still be able to manually upload it.

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I might be wrong Chris but for me those stats shown at the top of MyZwift show my cycling distance only - not running (even though the ‘last ride’ date refers to my last activity be it riding or running, and all my runs and rides are listed below). Zwift is still largely set up for cycling. So it will always show 0 until you cycle somewhere, or Zwift make it more runner friendly (come on Zwift!!). Also that start up screen cycles between showing you your cycling stats and your running stats. See the little cycle sign to the left of the miles - shows you it’s referring to your cycling distance. After a few seconds it switches to running stats which is why it becomes non zero after a while for you. That’s how it works for me anyway.

Thanks all, clear it up somewhat. My running is showing on Zwift companion App which is fine and it uploaded to Strava which is great. Ill ignore the Zwift app for now and rely on the companion app which seems to do the job.

Quick question - There does seem to be a slight difference to the times in companion and then whats uploaded to Strava? One says 39:00 and the other says I completed the run in 33:00 ??

That makes perfect sense. Thanks—

It’s nice to know that Zwift is more than just a great running app! It supports riding too… Who would have thunk it?