New user here and I cannot figure out this problem (yes, I’ve researched it for the past three days). My Zwift account page shows no activities. I can see my activity on the app and the companion app, but nothing on the my Zwift page. I’m needing the data so I can manually upload to Strava because that isn’t working either.

I’m using IOS (iPad) for my rides and I’ve tried to tap the Zwift icon 3 times which loads the FIT files, but when I try to email them - it won’t work (icon in the upper right).

I’ve connected Strava and disconnected Strava, logged in and logged out of everything - but nothing is working. I’ve tried to call Support but that’s fruitless, so I’m open to any suggestions.

Thank you!

Two Gary Thornberry’s are showing up in Companion App for me - both with same age and height. One has no activities and the other has a total of 124km’s of activities. I am guessing both are setup by you.

So the one that you log into on is likely the first that has no activities and the Companion App is signing into the 2nd.

I’d double-check what account you are signing up to on Companion App and ensure you are using that to sign into on the web page.

Thank you, Dean. That’s odd because I’m using the same email address for both, but I downloaded the app with my Apple ID (email), which is different. I’ll see if I can delete one of the accounts.

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