Nick Meese

(Nick Meese) #1


My company compensates me for how much physical / exercise activity I do. Please can you let me know how I can get for, since Jan 01 2016, a spreadsheet or something similar that lets me show so I can send to my company?

maybe: date, activity, distance, time would be fine unless you can show more.

much much thanks


(Gerrie Delport) #2

If you export your rides to Strava you can get all the information you need from the activities page. 




(Nick Meese) #3

Hi Gerrie


I want to also include runs and swims too :slight_smile:

can strava do all of this?



(Nick Meese) #4



sorry I can see swims and runs too so thats great.  can i just export all activities to a sheet like a spreadsheet?  I can only see the training activity list see’s each activity


thanks and sorry if it doesnt make me sense when I write because I had a stroke in 2015



(Paul Allen) #5

I have been trying to export my activities from Strava for a couple years and it still doesn’t work.

You could send them a link to your Strava profile so they can review the activities.

(Nick Meese) #6

I will do that so thanks Paul

(Tim Corso) #7

…or you could use Veloviewer to present all of you Strava data and then export as a  CSV file.

(Nick Meese) #8

Tim  appreciate you coming back.  I will take a look next time as I dragged myself through over an hour of 1 year of multi-sport copy/pasts/re-formatting from the Strava to editing a spreadsheet.  350 lines.  Strava was the only suggest they could advise me.  i’m fuming.  however, I can only say thanks to you, team and the zwift community for the answers.  I love zwift, I just wish I could find a comfy saddle :expressionless:

you can close the support ticket.

thanks Tim

(Gerrie Delport) #9

Sorry Nick,

I did not suggest Veloviewer as it is not a free system, you can only get your last 25 activities free the pro version is $15 per year. My bad.