Nick Meese


My company compensates me for how much physical / exercise activity I do. Please can you let me know how I can get for, since Jan 01 2016, a spreadsheet or something similar that lets me show so I can send to my company?

maybe: date, activity, distance, time would be fine unless you can show more.

much much thanks


If you export your rides to Strava you can get all the information you need from the activities page. 




Hi Gerrie


I want to also include runs and swims too :slight_smile:

can strava do all of this?





sorry I can see swims and runs too so thats great.  can i just export all activities to a sheet like a spreadsheet?  I can only see the training activity list see’s each activity


thanks and sorry if it doesnt make me sense when I write because I had a stroke in 2015



I have been trying to export my activities from Strava for a couple years and it still doesn’t work.

You could send them a link to your Strava profile so they can review the activities.

I will do that so thanks Paul

…or you could use Veloviewer to present all of you Strava data and then export as a  CSV file.

Tim  appreciate you coming back.  I will take a look next time as I dragged myself through over an hour of 1 year of multi-sport copy/pasts/re-formatting from the Strava to editing a spreadsheet.  350 lines.  Strava was the only suggest they could advise me.  i’m fuming.  however, I can only say thanks to you, team and the zwift community for the answers.  I love zwift, I just wish I could find a comfy saddle :expressionless:

you can close the support ticket.

thanks Tim

Sorry Nick,

I did not suggest Veloviewer as it is not a free system, you can only get your last 25 activities free the pro version is $15 per year. My bad.