ZwiftPower all activities export

Hi guys, I wanna test my dataviz skill by using all my ZwiftActivities from ZwiftPower. I am trying to download the zip file but does not work. I am not receiving any email and I don’t have the button to downolad the zip file that I created. Any suggestions?

That feature has been broken for a long time. If you’re hooked up to Strava or Garmin Connect I recommend getting the data from there.


Thanks Paul!

By the way if you have the data in Strava, you can connect your Strava account to, or download a zip file from Garmin Connect and upload the whole thing to, and that will give you a lot of data analysis tools to play with.

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you can download them individually still, though if you have as many as i do, you might want to use some kind of browser extension to grab the links and download them or something along those lines. i don’t have one to recommend, but they’re out there. it’s 50 activities per page if you do that i think, so it won’t take long

@S_A_Cestria_CC but i have close to 1,800 of them.

4th activity was a race lol