Bulk download of activity files

Can somebody please provide a description of how to download all my activity (.fit) files at once for the purposes of using on a third-party site. The instructions in the FAQ seem to indicate that only one file at a time can be downloaded from the “Activity Feed” section.

I think you can find them all in your documents folder if you use a windows pc.


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probably zhq are gonna be mad at me if a bunch of people read this post and go do this at the same time right now, but if you have a zwiftpower account, you can download every single activity as a bulk zip file from there from the “activities” tab. from what i can see, it doesn’t just cover events but also solo rides. some of my activities (maybe) predate my zwiftpower account too and stretch back as far as 2018. it might* be possible to make one today and still get access to all of your past activities that way


Does that work for you? I’ve tried it a few times including recently and found it was completely broken.

i wouldn’t be surprised if they did disable it… i have 1679 entries, which is probably gonna be a pretty big zip file if it ever does finish compiling

with that said, i can download individual fit files from there no problem. there’s probably a browser plugin out there that can bulk download them for you one page at a time if you really want. it’s nice that they’re there at least

oh, it works

edit: it doesnt work. maybe an email will show up eventually. i don’t actually use that address though, so i’ll probably have forgotten about it by then

Excellent, thanks!

These experiences are similar to my own…

that’s probably not a bug anyone’s in a hurry to fix… like three people requesting their data at once would probably crash the site if it actually worked. you can probably use a browser plugin to bulk download them one page at a time. it probably wouldnt take too long either