Downloading FIT files

I like the slick new web-page activity feed, but one thing I do not like about it is that it takes four clicks to download FIT files. (Click on activity, click on gear symbol, click on Download, confirm click). I think it used to be one click (maybe two?). Easier access to the FIT file would be nice.

Answer to my own question is that the old feed still exists at

Not sure why I didn’t realize that. :crazy_face:

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Thanks, that has been on my wish list a big help.

I was also able to download a file (saved about 8hrs after the ride) that the web interface and CA could not handle.

Hopefully Zwift doesn’t make this page go away.

Great that I found this…the new activity feed does not appear to show historical activities as the “load more activities” button is not working. Glad I found this post as this gives access to all historical fit files