Cannot find the download fit file button



It did log the activity on official web page, but when I click into the detail page just came out blank. No map, heart rate and other information. I guess the problem because I did NOT choose ‘Stay here’ at the end of the event and jump to other world. But I did choose SAVE to finish the process on my Apple TV.

[updated on 7/22 below]

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:face_with_monocle: All events will be affected without detail page. If you choose your own ride, and NOT to join the official events, it will display correctly.

similar issue - I was on the Ascenders Midweek Ride today. I can see the ride on Zwiftpower but no download option on Zwift activity feed (which only has completion mileage, time and elevation) and no auto upload to strava! Can’t work out how to download the Zwiftpower file

Hi folks,

This is a known and high priority bug:

It’s being investigated.

I had the same thing happen.

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Thanks !!! Hoping it will get sorted soon :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Just finished tonight’s Joburg Sundowner on ATV - again no auto upload to Strava! It switched worlds at the end of the ride and then uploaded a 0.01 Mile, 7 second ride and called it Joburg Sundowner…….any suggestions?
The ride does appear in my Zwift activities list as 1hour and 38.0km but the graphs show the 7 second version!

I have the same problem. Official events didn’t upload to Strava, but my just ride activities worked fine.

Im having the same issue, group ride event did not upload to my strava and there is no “download” button on my ride to get the .fit file. Very annoying.

I need to download a fit file from Zwift but when I open my activity page my ride shows with all the details but I cannot see to find a download button anywhere. How do I find this?

Click on the cog icon on the activity page to find the download option:

The page layout looks a bit dodgy, so maybe try a different device/browser if you can’t see it…