Newbie with questions on setup

Hi everyone
I’m new to cycling and to zwift. I have a felt fr5w road bike, a Wahoo KICKR Core, a garmin 935 watch a garmin 520 plus with a garmin speed and cadence sensor garmin hrm and an iPad. After reading through some conversations I’m seeing my garmin cadence sensor won’t work without some kind of extra hardware which I’ve yet to completely understand. My question is though if my garmin computer works with all of the sensors and hrm why wouldn’t you capture your ride with that but let zwift influence your trainer. Am I missing some advantage by not using zwift to capture everything? Do you use your bike computer or watch in addition to zwift for indoor training and what is this additional hardware I would need to get zwift to work with all my garmin stuff? Would it all work if I used a laptop to zwift over an iPad? Thanks for some guidance.

You cannot use the Garmin 520 in any way with Zwift.

All Garmin devices broadcast I. ANT+ so your computer or Mac would need an ANT+ dongle for them to connect to Zwift. If you are using an iOS, ATV or Android you would need something like CABLE or a 4iiiii HRM to bridge the connection.