Setting up.

I own a Garmin 235 (watch) and a Garmin 710, I have tried via bluetooth and leads but they don’t want to talk to one another. Any tips on getting this to work please?


You need at least a speed and cadence sensor to use Zwift. Just a watch will not work and the Garmin 710 is about useless for Zwift.

So can I buy a speed/ cadence sensor for the watch? 

Ok, lets start over. 

What are you trying to accomplish?

I wanted to have a go at Zwift. As I have a couple of Garmin products i’d hoped they would connect up and I could start making use of the 30 day trial. 

You need to have a least a Speed and Cadence sensor to use Zwift. Garmin has them and so does Wahoo along with numerous other manufactures. You could also use a power meter or a smart trainer. Basically you need something that can measure your wheel speed at a minimum or your watts if you want more accuracy.  

You will also need a Ant+ dongle or bridge Blue Tooth through your phone to your PC.

Thanks for you patience with this. So basically I can by-pass the Garmin and have a direct link between my laptop and the cadence sensor? 

Yes, but you would need an Ant+ dongle in your PC or if it is Blue Tooth you can use a phone to bridge the connection to your PC.

Thank you. For now i’ll just get the Ant+ dongle and Cadence Sensor and go from there.