Garmin 310xt

I’m training on CycleOps Fluid 2 and using a Garmin 310xt.  I have a cadence sensor, but my speed is calculated by GPS.  (So when I train inside, I only get HR and cadence as my speed is 0 mph.)  I also have the Garmin 310xt ANT+ stick that says USB1 on the bottom.

Do I have everything I need, or am I missing a needed component?

Can Zwift determine my speed from my cadence sensor alone???

There is no way Zwift can estimate your speed based on just cadence. You will need at least a Speed/Cadence sensor so Zwift can determine your in-game speed. I don’t think a Garmin 310xt will work for even a cadence sensor for Zwift.


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Hi Hill - you’ll also need a USB2 ANT+ stick as the older USB1 is not supported. We’ve prepared a handy Zwift ANT+ Starter Pack that comes with a 10’ USB extension cable to prevent dropouts. See you out there!

Okay, I now have a Garmin Bike Speed sensor.  I want to zwift today!  Can I use any commercial USB2 ANT+ stick (like from BestBuy)?  And do I need a USB cord?  What is that for?  Besides my PC, what does the USB cord plug into??

You guys should really post some pics of the various set up options.

I think the USB cord would plug into my Garmin 310xt.  If that’s so, I don’t think my Garmin 310xt will work with Zwift.  Can we confirm that???

The Ant+ stick would plug into the USB cord and the other end of the cord would be in the computer

Can’t the ANT+ stick plug directly into my PC???  Why the need for a cord?

You don’t need it, it just gets the Ant+ stick closer to the speed sensor which helps eliminate dropouts and interference.

I have a 310XT too and was not sure how the cord would work.  I’ve ordered a USB2+ ant stick and hopefully it will work when I get it.  I am plannig to have the PC/ANT maybe 1.5-2m away from the Garmin GSC10 so that I can watch the screen while I ride.  Will that be close enough?

ps I have a Kurt Kinetic rock and roll