Garmin 310xt

(Hill Johnson) #1

I’m training on CycleOps Fluid 2 and using a Garmin 310xt.  I have a cadence sensor, but my speed is calculated by GPS.  (So when I train inside, I only get HR and cadence as my speed is 0 mph.)  I also have the Garmin 310xt ANT+ stick that says USB1 on the bottom.

Do I have everything I need, or am I missing a needed component?

Can Zwift determine my speed from my cadence sensor alone???

(Paul Allen) #2

There is no way Zwift can estimate your speed based on just cadence. You will need at least a Speed/Cadence sensor so Zwift can determine your in-game speed. I don’t think a Garmin 310xt will work for even a cadence sensor for Zwift.


Please check out these links:

(Scott) #3

Hi Hill - you’ll also need a USB2 ANT+ stick as the older USB1 is not supported. We’ve prepared a handy Zwift ANT+ Starter Pack that comes with a 10’ USB extension cable to prevent dropouts. See you out there!

(Hill Johnson) #4

Okay, I now have a Garmin Bike Speed sensor.  I want to zwift today!  Can I use any commercial USB2 ANT+ stick (like from BestBuy)?  And do I need a USB cord?  What is that for?  Besides my PC, what does the USB cord plug into??

You guys should really post some pics of the various set up options.

(Hill Johnson) #5

I think the USB cord would plug into my Garmin 310xt.  If that’s so, I don’t think my Garmin 310xt will work with Zwift.  Can we confirm that???

(Paul Allen) #6

The Ant+ stick would plug into the USB cord and the other end of the cord would be in the computer

(Hill Johnson) #7

Can’t the ANT+ stick plug directly into my PC???  Why the need for a cord?

(Paul Allen) #8

You don’t need it, it just gets the Ant+ stick closer to the speed sensor which helps eliminate dropouts and interference.

(Robert Thomson) #9

I have a 310XT too and was not sure how the cord would work.  I’ve ordered a USB2+ ant stick and hopefully it will work when I get it.  I am plannig to have the PC/ANT maybe 1.5-2m away from the Garmin GSC10 so that I can watch the screen while I ride.  Will that be close enough?

(Robert Thomson) #10

ps I have a Kurt Kinetic rock and roll