Newbie question Re Workouts vs Plans

Hi. New user here, and just recently completed my first plan on Zwift, the Ftp Builder Foundation. I completed this and the Ftp test, all good. I like the structure of the plans so next I have signed up to a Workout, specifically the 12 week FTP Builder workout. However something I have noticed is that this workout doesn’t tell me when I need to have completed my next workout session by, like the plan did. I liked knowing my deadline, it gave me focus. Am I doing something wrong? Neither the game (PC) nor the companion app (Android) give me any reminders or prompts as to when I need fo do my next workout by to stay on plan.

Is this simply normal behaviour?

Many thanks.

Hi @Ben, there is a difference in workouts and training plans. Make sure you are signing up for a plan, not just doing a random workout. If I recall correctly, the training plans are on a separate tab than the workouts. Some training plans also have all the workouts available in the workout menu, so you could be confusing the two separate menus.