New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

I said it before, and I’ll say it again -
Any UX design that requires horizontal scrolling is not a good design.


There used the be an Active Club selection box on the old home screen so you could select which Club your ride stats would be added to, and so your Rides would be added to the Clubs ride feed.

Where is this now, or has this been forgotten?

More important now that Clubs function is expanding and people are joining more Clubs.

It’s missing currently, but this has been raised previously.

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Dan 100% - up down left right (that is how we process content on a screen). Anything else is breaking the pattern and you have to have good reason for doing that. Also, nowadays the “draws” are the new “thing” to have until you implement it and all your clients start calling cause they don’t understand you need to hover or click somewhere for the draw to appear.

antipatterns STINK!

New better than old
Looks fresh/new
More info on upcoming events
More sorting methods for routes
Can access garage without starting a ride
Can see all badges completion without starting a ride
Can access settings menu (inc user profile) without starting a ride
All Pace Partners permanently available
More filters/sort options/ratings on routes
Join event directly into pen
Can select any route in any non-‘event only’ world for a workout

Old better than new
Look matched rest of the game
No sideways scrolling required
Could start a ride with far fewer interactions (one click, if required)
Game remembered last used world/route
‘Ride with’ feature
Club selection feature
Goals feature
Selecting world/route for a workout was easier

No change or currently inadequate
Could already see route badge completion before starting a ride
Could already get back to pairing screen with one click
Upcoming events don’t show world/route where they are taking place
Events disappear completely from home screen after the first pen starts
Route sorting preference isn’t remembered
Workouts take up tons of screen space
Scaling issues
Hardware performance issues
Log file littered with errors
Challenges not moved with garage/badges (still hidden in settings after starting a ride)


Can select any route in (almost) any world for a workout (or free riding as soon as you leave the workout mode)

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Good one, added that in. Not the bit about free riding though, that’s another hack that shouldn’t be required (same as creating/binning a meetup).

I think this one could be moved to “New better than old”, IIRC now the events stay on the home screen and it says “started, join now” or something so you can late join if applicable. Or do I have that wrong?

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Late join was already allowed on the old home screen. What I was referring to there was staggered starts; the whole event disappears (and it says you’re too late) once the first pen starts, even if the others haven’t started yet. I reported it a while back.


Challenges are still hidden in the game menu, have to start a ride to access (at least they added a button on top of the image so it is a bit more obvious)


Can access user profile to update name, weight, etc.


I seem to think we could do this on the old UI? Wasn’t it in game where it would round up the decimal points of your weight.

I can’t quite remember now after only a few weeks of not seeing the old one. It’s like ancient history.

I still have the old UI on my phone and couldn’t find a way to access the user profile until I started a ride.

You could be right on that Mike, it was on the same page where you could change challenges but again that was only accessible after commencing a ride and bringing up the menu.

that’s what I experienced just now with the old UI

I’m guessing you have never used AppleTV apps? Pretty much every app has horizontal scrolling and it works well even with the crappy ATV remote.

I think this is dependent on which OS and/or device you are using. Horizontal scroll is fine on touchscreen, trackpad, and AppleTV devices. If you are using a PC with keyboard and/or mouse, I can see that it wouldn’t be ideal though.

Good shout, it’s the whole settings menu which is now accessible before starting a ride. Though again it’s a very minor improvement IMO given that the majority of settings will only be adjusted once.

Yeah, they have deliberately separated the user profile from the settings menu now, makes sense.

It’s not stunted the Amazon Fire Stick either.

The new home screen can be operated with the keyboard. But I don’t use the keyboard.

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