New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

Sorry for the lack of explanation. I wrote it because the name of the screen to confirm the achievement is “badge”.

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Hi Shuji, mine is set to English and I still don’t have the new UI, which is quite frustrating with the rollout of the new pace partners. I’m running Zwift on an iPad. Do you know when I’d be likely to get the update?

Zwift haven’t started rolling out the new UI on iPads, phones and Apple TV.

Fortunately, the new Pace Partners will all be available in Watopia as from early tomorrow (UTC), so you and others waiting for the new home screen will no longer be missing out. This weekend’s Makuri extra PPs are just a little playful gift from James Bailey until then.

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Well Apple TV users have been waiting 3 months any ideas how many more until we see this “new” home screen?

Zwift haven’t told us anything yet about when they’ll roll it out for the other platforms. I hope they’ll be prioritising the feedback for Windows and Mac and making some improvements before we see it on the other platforms.

Hopefully, AppleTV won’t get the current “new” home screen until they have started beta-testing the next “new” home screen, i.e., years from now or maybe even never. :smile:

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Finally checked out the new home screen - been out with injury for the last month so I only just started riding again. I guess I’ll get used to it, but it just seems too cluttered.

All I want to do is quickly select a route and start riding. I have no interest in Zwift’s workouts, training plans, or events, so all of that is irrelevant to me. As for the route selection tab, it’s about as pleasing to look at as an Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, I’m using a trackball so it can be a little tricky to navigate.

Finally, where do I see friends that are online - in case I want to try chasing one of them down? Is that feature gone?

Anyway, that’s just my two cents.

I’ve noticed the stuttering slide on I’ve reported before seems to get worse over time and is apparently resolved by a full restart of my PC (and therefore Nvidia driver). That’s poor, please fix it.

Being able to reorder the sections would be good.

The ride with a friend was not added. It is apparently being worked on after we all jumped up and down about it.

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Being able to enter the Garage to select bike before going on a ride is indeed an improvement, but why do I need to enter the Garage, then enter the “Wheel room” or “Frame Room” to see what bike I actually have sitting ready to go?

I thought maybe it would be better to see the bike itself on the home screen so I can decide if I need to enter the Garage before I go, something like this (a separate garage-tile in the free space, showing my current configuration):


Good suggestion.

the new screen is AWFUL… just coming back to repeat this

I still don’t understand on whose mind this is “better” that what we have before.


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Been using it for a few weeks and now I’m used to it I’m happy.

I don’t utilise the ride with option so i don’t miss that.

Being able to access the garage and pair devices from the home screen suits my needs perfectly. Obtaining more detail reference upcoming events is good.

As humans we are in general resistant to change. Sometimes you’ve got to go at things with an open mind and accept things change.

This is not “resistance to change” I am a Soft. Architect and when you go from 1 screen that has everything to one that needs scroll left, right click click scroll down to find what you are looking for then I think I am disappointed and rightfully so…

Over engineering something that should be as easy is also an IT/Product problem because they think “this is better because it’s newer”

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The previous screen didn’t have everything you need, there was no garage option, no button to pair devices, no detail on events, things users requested.

I don’t think there’s any great hardship in scrolling and actually if you adjust the scaling you can eliminate the need to.

Just my opinion.

Yeah there was. :wink:

You just clicked anywhere in that box, like it says.


Every days a learning day. Never knew that.


Bit inconsequential now that screen has gone.

Dave perfect example!

From that screen I only needed to click ride because my last route was already there!

Also, the drop down for training get you to the training plans, click roll down booooom u ready to roll.

No the new screen doesn’t even fit my screen and I need to scroll right the down then right to pick what I want to do.

totally backwards.

Stuart: how many time do u need to go to the garage? I haven’t change my tron bike since I got it so that doesn’t really matter to me.

I tend to change my clothing whenever i earn something new.
In terms of bikes and wheels I’ll swap them dependent on the course I’m riding.
Might only be a few seconds difference but marginal gains and all that.

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