New to zwift HELP!

I bought a TACX FLUX S second hand trainer, since I’m new to owning my own trainer I’m having issue and don’t know where they lie. I’m running Zwift on the android app using my Samsung note 10. Initially I can pair the trainer and it works but mid ride i lose signal and my character stops. When I go to the Bluetooth pairing screen it shows the trainer connected but “No Signal” . Is this an app issue or trainer issue?

Hi @Augustine_Mendoza, welcome to Zwift!

Looks like you are getting some interference with the bluetooth signal, this can be caused by a lot of things in your environment from microwaves to fluorescent lights, and your wifi channel on the router. You may need to do some process of elimination by removing things from near the trainer, turning off all other bluetooth devices, etc…

Try some of the things mentioned here: