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Hi just wondering if I can get some help my speed sensor and cadence are connected but my rider is not moving.

Any help please

Hello @Matthew_Amos, please give us more info.
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I have a Garmin speed 2 and cadence sensor 2 both are paired my training aid is a Jetblack z2 fluid all connects but when I ride my person doesn’t move

Hi @Matthew_Amos welcome to Zwift forums.

Our Support Hub has many helpful step-by-step articles.

Specifically, you may want to check this article for common reasons your avatar is not moving.

Do you hear a soft beep when the magnet passes the sensor?
If not, they may need to be moved closer or the sensor may need a fresh battery.
Are you connecting with Ant + or blue tooth?
Does the pairing screen show your sensors are connected and sending?