New Saris H3 Firmware [September 2021]

If you have a Saris H3 trainer, just a heads up that Saris made a new firmware release a couple weeks ago:

31.064, released September, 2021

  • low speed target power correction

Thank you!

I updated the firmware and now Zwift doesn’t detect my trainer. I’m using an Apple TV. Any suggestions?

Hi there. The trainer is probably still connected to the Saris app. With Bluetooth, a device will disappear from the air once it’s connected to something like an app. This means it’s not discoverable by anything else.

Ensure you’ve force closed the app on your phone and turned off Bluetooth, then turn off the trainer and Apple TV, wait five minutes and try agan.

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Thank you! It works now!



Glad to hear @Dave_ZPCMR advice solved it. I own a Saris H3 and was going through steps to reproduce your issue.

Now that you have the firmware installed - I would suggest uninstalling the Saris app from your smartphone until the next time you need to update firmware or calibrate your trainer. Would ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the pairing process without you knowing about it.

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I run on the latest firmware and all seem fine.