New Routes released in December

Is there a bug in the new routes released reccently?

I selected Watopia’s Waistband yesterday and then selected a work-out. At the end of the work-out (which only took me about 15km or so), the “Watopia’s Waistband” route with distance to go was also no longer showing. I continued to 30km distance but didn’t get the “You have completed” banner or badge, or anywhere that looked like a finish line at around 27.9km.

I also selected La Reine and half-way through accidentally did a U-turn (pressed the down arrow trying to move the camera). I did another U-turn a few seonds later to get back in the right direction, but the “La Reine” route with the distance to go was then no longer showing.

I’m sure previously on routes like this I have been able to complete a work-out or do a 360 and the route name with distance to go is still there, and received the badge for any routes I’ve haven’t completed before…

Hi @Richard_Zwi

You made a turn up the watopia climb.

I don’t see you turning back up the climb. You need another 1000 m of climbing.

On La Reine, I did a U-turn by mistake by the castle, then did another U-turn immediately to get back in the right direction.
But after doing that, the bar at the top that shows the route name and distance to go had disappeared.
With 10km to go I did another (deliberate) U-turn back down the hill as I didn’t want to continue if I wan’t going to get the badge.

On Wataopia’s Waistband I didn’t select any change in course.

The finish line for Watopia’s Waistband is at the end of the desert sprint, which certainly isn’t the most obvious of finish lines (the “arch” is a lump of rock the road goes through).

Even if you didn’t make any manual turns yourself, it’s unfortunately still possible (but fairly rare) that Zwift somehow has made one for you, taking you off route. Sometimes happens in races as well.