New Home Screen Update [August 2022]

I prefer not to be a beta tester and wish there was an opt out option.
I’m paying to use the game not help write the UI!
Random rollout to unaware users is a poor way to run a business.
Fortunately I can us my ATV instead of the iPad.

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You’re not beta testing. You are being upgraded. You are the last of the platforms to move so if anything everyone else has been a beta tester for you.

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Upgrading is compulsory


Again no communication to end users that there is an upgrade coming till the last minute. And then push it on us with no option.
This is a very unintuitive design that needs a lot of work.
There are positive changes that have been requested but require a lot of digging around to find.
Not fun to do when you are on a timeline to start a group ride or have a small
window to get a workout/ride in.

To be fair the upgrade to the UI has been advertised for many many months so it’s not last minute.

There’s nothing to prepare for, what would you have done in advance?

I would have spent time in advance exploring the Upgrade so I would have
been able to navigate easily.
I received an email informing me of the upgrade the day it showed up on my iPad.
First I’ve heard anything from Zwift about this. I don’t frequent this forum or other informative outlets on Zwift software.
Although I enjoy the Zwift YouTube channel with OJ. Where has that been? Haven’t seen one in a few months.

and how many people do you think read the forums? I’d be surprised if it’s even 10% of riders.

I’d agree a first launch tutorial would of been the ideal solution to point out the key areas. A bit like when you first riding on zwift it explains things to you.


Completely agree.

Or a pop up in the game or companion app prior to it coming taking you to the forum or the website with a tutorial.

It’s crazy that one day someone logs in and everything has changed without warning unless they happen to have read the forums.


Having seen the zwift insider article that says pace partners maps are on the horizon for users, do I presume these won’t be available for ATV users ‘anytime soon’?

At what point do Zwift say ok we are providing a degraded service on this platform if features are not available?

You can spend time navigating the new UI now? It’s hardly complex and isn’t going to stop you being able to ride on the day it changed (unless you were using the ride with option of course).

The change has been on Zwifts website, Zwift Insider and here to name but a few places. It’s never been a secret. As a user of Zwift I made it my responsibility to do research on it and how to get the best out of it, hence what led me to the forum in the first place. It’s a bit like reading the manual of a new appliance you’ve bought. You wouldn’t expect to know how to use it without a bit of research.

It’s difficult for Zwift to tell individuals that their device is about to change as how do they know from a user what device they use to login? They will know from logs what device been used but some people use difference devices, some might have changed since last logon etc…

Not sure on the % of users that use this forum. I can say there are at least 25000 users of this compared to over 4 million accounts so you are right in that the % of users that use this forum is tiny.

Some people are just resistant to change, it’s human nature and part of our survival techniques.

To be fair, Zwift have had no problem putting a warning on certain devices that they would be deprecated soon.

So it wouldn’t have been hard to put a warning on certain devices that they were getting a new UI soon, complete with a link on where to find out more about it.

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Good point but the only issue is that the roll out is staggered so they could put out a message to all iOS users but until their account is chosen they’ll be unchanged.

presumably they know which accounts will move to the new UI and when so wouldn’t be too hard to push a notification in game or and email or something

How do you access/view Challenges?
That use to be on the home screen as an icon/pic to click to show current progress or switch. I do not see that as on option on Home.
Thanks in Advance (and apologizes if I missed answer in earlier discussion/post.

Ride On

Settings menu once in the game, just like before.


Agree with UI on my laptop, cannot see nor scroll to tiles half-off the screen. Win 11 & I tried various resolution settings with no positive fix. So I went back to my AppleTV (yes, the new Windows experience was that bad).

The best experience, for me, has been the current iOS on an iPhone (with HDMI connector to big screen) because every option was easy to see and navigate. I don’t need to rehash all known problems with AppleTV remote but at least I could (eventually) get to all the options that I could not even fully see in the new Windows UI.

As for Pace Partners, I like the new experience where the bot has a small swing in performance when it comes to hills, makes it more realistic for me. I’m on the low end = 1.2, perhaps the higher end need less fluidity in the assigned watt range?

I am using a Samsung Tablet, does it mean Android. I cannot find logout icon on top of the menu.
it’s just about me or is about Android?

Does anyone know why these event listings are restricted to only the next 60 minutes? Is there anyway to open that up further?

Should be user configurable.


This is by design on the game client so you can easily select activities you can jump into now.

For choosing events further out in the future, you can use the Companion app or the webpage and sign up for them there. We separated those functions intentionally to keep the game client home screen focused on events happening imminently.

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