New down load problem

Down loaded latest version(1.24). When I signed back on my profile was gone and it started me out as a new user and I lost everything. Filled everything out and entered into a ride. Zwift would not let me trash or save the ride. It put me in loop. Not sure what to do at this point.

what device are you using, is it a pc/mac/tablet/ATV ?

PC laptop

I can see a Mark O’Hanley in the Companion App - last ride was April 8. I can also see a Mark Hanley with the same country flag and age but with no data.

Could it be that you created a new account (used different email address)? Did you download a fresh install or were you doing the monthly update?

Didn’t create a new account intentionally. I signed on when when a new update was required. It asked for my email and password. When the update was finished everything was gone and it began asking all the questions for a new account. When I sign on to the Companion app. everything is fine(shows me at level 19 and profile is correct).

Mark Hanley

Probably best to get the support team to sort it out, if you havent already. Likely just needs your original account email/pwd reset. > Contact Us > then bounce around the standard questions till you get to submit an email.