HELP - Why is this so difficult to even work!

So 3 days on the bounce I’ve been unable to ride… I’ve finally managed one just after rebooting, deleting, reinstalling, BT pairing… but this is a daily occurrence for about the last 2 weeks.

Here’s the background…

  1. Myself and my wife both use the same trainer (Kickr core)
  2. We both use the same computer - Apple iMac (Big Sur)
  3. We have different “Mac” logons on the iMac
  4. We both run Zwift under our own Mac profiles and both have our own Zwift accounts

a) When I launch Zwift under my Mac profile I have 2 common problems - 1) it will invariably prompt me for my password/no internet connection (I have a stable 50Mb connection) or 2) I can log in and start a ride, however my cadence will never go about 60rpm. I end up running through the below…
b) I enter my password numerous times but Zwift will say it’s incorrect, I can log in here with the same email/password at the same time
c) I end up deleting the Zwift app, and then deleting the 2 Zwift folders, reboot and then download the latest DMG file from Zwift and running through the install again
d) I relaunch Zwift, it still knows who I am and if I am lucky it may log me in

While having all of these issues I’ve rebooted my Mac, logged in as my wife under her Mac profile and launched Zwift logged in as her and have ZERO issues!!

I can only conclude there must be some corrupt files under my profile but I have no idea how to completely uninstall Zwift, or there must be some backend data that is screwed up.

I’m at my whits end as I join events then this week I’ve missed 3 because I have to go through the above every time and troubleshoot these issues. It’s crap how do I get through to someone at Zwift to help me resolve this???

Anyone have any suggestions as I’ll be off to sufferfest in the next week or so.

I run it on Windows, and from what I have seen, there are some folders that go in program folders, system32, etc…

Maybe you should check with CCleaner whether everything is deleted


I would suggest not running it on ANY computer.


Any reason why ? :wink:
I find it pretty useful, but I’m not a big geek, so…

I’m actually interested in your point of view (sorry if that diverts from the subject)

Just do a quick Google sech and you will see that they have been hacked in the past and in reality there is no need for programs like CCleaner, they can actually do more harm then good.

If there was a need for programs like CCleaner MS would have purchased them and integrated them into their OS.

Please try and keep this thread on topic from now on.


it would be a concern that having removed the app it still knew who you were . You have to find a way to fully clobber the settings I think . Its somehow retaining some data . I know on Windows Zwift uses non standard ( potentially non compliant) areas to save and store application and use data . May be it is the same on Apple OS too. I think that is why someone suggested you could try a product to check that. You should search for an appropriately vetted system or other way to verify that all application data has been removed when it is uninstalled.

The same reason could be a possible cause for you having an issue because you have 2 users sharing the same device and application to run as two profiles and that is not supported by Zwift as expected.

I cant directly help you here as I don’t run Apple or two profiles on the same device .

I would be great if someone else who did either or both could verify that it works OK for them … or not .

So at least you would know if you are chasing a lost cause if it doesn’t work at all . Or if its possible to get it to work as you want , so worth pursuing this .

So no one has any comments for a Mac users…
How do I contact Zwift directly??

Just tried again, 60rpm max FFS this is just a complete waste of my time and effort and getting zero support from Zwift.

I’m out!

My experience with Zwift support is they are not skilled eneough to help you with this level of issue.
You would be better to try and get support from the operating system side , to find out why uninstalling is not removing all the data .

Zwift support will only do one of two things ( as I am sure you have found out ) . Send you a link to something that is more often than not nothing to do with the issue , or teling you something you will already know . Tell you they have let the “developers” know about it but will not provide you with any reference ticket or way to then follow up on that . The thread will go dead and you wont hear anything more about it . Without it being a very common issue and they get thousands of users with it , and/or it is easy to replicate you are right to check out from that path . Zwift belong to a lot of similar companies in this sector who beleive user noise is the measure of how big a problem is , forgetting that most people wont report an issue they will just move on . That is there choice so if you want a different kind of support you make the right call to to checkout. If they have not asked you in reply for steps to replicate and supporting information for your issue you can gaurantee they are filling it in a section labelled void.