My zwift hub is weird - super hard and suddenly super easy with very low to 0 watts

I don’t know what is going on with my zwift hub but i have a serious resistance issue, and wondering if I am alone in this case. i am unable to start a workout, it’s super hard to pedal, I am not a pro but i can easily put 300-400 watt on a bike, but unable to go more than a cadence of 30 on the trainer and suddenly all the resitance is gone and i am like free wheeling with 0 watt. it’s very frustrating and off couse not able to use it anymore. do you know what to do in this case?

Contact support

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Hi @Nicolas_W_Dib, Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. Shame about the resistance issues, but this sounds like something we can fix for you! I noticed you started a support ticket, that’s great! We recently sent you an email, so whenever you’re ready we’ll be happy to continue helping.

the support stating it’s because of bluetooth dropping… i tried veything (stopping bluetooth on all other devices except the one paired with the trainer). i don’t feel it’s the issue since the environment didn’t change. this is definitely a very frustrating experience since i can’t train indoor since more than 1 week now

What are you running the game on? Have you already tried pairing via the Companion app as well?

i tried on different devices iPad, iPhone, Macbook, same behavior :frowning: . i didn’t want to use the companion since i am keeping all the other devices away to avoid interferences.


I think Zwiftalizer can show the quality of your BT connection ?
That might get you a step further identifying if it’s connection or hardware issues ?


I agree running a log file through would be a good thing to do. You can get the logs from any of those devices though it will be easiest on the MacBook. (See Locating Log Files.)

I would also try pairing via the Companion app to see if there’s any change in behavior.

Since you have a MacBook, you also have the option of pairing via ANT+. The $12 Coospo dongle works fine with Macs and you don’t have to install any drivers. That will prevent you from using virtual shifting so you would need to have a multi-gear cassette on the trainer (if you are currently using the single-gear Cog + Click shifter).

More tips here:

i bought this trainer for the sole purpose of using virtual shifting since i travel a lot with different bikes and i don’t necessarly have the same bike at home every time, i really want to avoid this cassette change every time. is there a known issue with this Zwift Hub?
I just upload a log file of the the last attempt where the issue is still there and I don’t see any bluetooth disconnect

I noticed that the power come back if the trainer stop completely and I restart pedaling again, but after few seconds it drops to zero watt and 0 cadence again

If Zwiftalizer doesn’t show any Bluetooth dropouts, that is good news - feed that report back to Zwift support.

Also try the Companion pairing method. It does sometimes help people who are using virtual shifting devices.

Another thing to try is an ERG mode workout with no Click shifter paired. That would eliminate another variable.

thank you very much guys, the support decided to replace the trainer body by sending a new one.