Trainer resistance on flats is off

Hi, since yesterday I have observed reduced resistance on 0% roads, I have recalibrated my trainer my multiple times to no avail. For example at 90 rpm cadence on the big ring (54-18 combination), I usually output around 170-180W and since yesterday its been around 140-150W and resistance feels quite low.
As a whole resistance on all gradients feel off by 1% especially on flats. My trainer difficulty is set to max and I am using Cycleops hammer H1. Let me know if I should recalibrate in a particular way or just re-pair my device.
I connect via Zwift companion.

Hi @Siddharth_Doshi welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji from Zwift HQ here. So I looked at your session logs from the past two days. April 30, you were on game build 1.0.49751. May 1 you are on 1.0.49821. If the symptoms occurred on both days, let’s proceed with the idea they’re not caused by this latest version.

Irregular resistance that doesn’t match what the game is showing you can be caused by flaky Bluetooth or ANT signal between the trainer and your computer running the Zwift game.
I noticed you have 4 login / logout instances today. I took each of the partial log files and uploaded them to This is a third party site that analyzes evidence of trouble with your session. I invite you to do the same from your end. Here’s where to find your log files

On 2 out of 4 of today’s sessions, there were network (meaning WiFi / internet) and Bluetooth errors. WiFi could also play a role in it, and we’ll get to that in a minute.

I’d suggest you reset your Mac’s Bluetooth module.
Please also take the steps to improve BLE interference.

As for the network errors - it’s a good idea to reboot your cable / DSL modem, followed by power cycling your WiFi router.

Lastly - it’s good practice to reboot your Macbook regularly.

Would you let us know if these steps improve the ride feel of your trainer?

Hi @shooj,
Thanks for the reply and taking a look at the logs, I also updated the trainer firmware yesterday after the workout and things were aggravated today after that, so I even emailed Cycleops if there are any reported bugs for firmware.
My MAC and my phone (android) have both been rebooted, but as you say the disconnect seems to be happening due to network issue, I will go ahead and reset my whole network once.
I will post once I take tomorrow’s ride.

Thanks again,

Didn’t find any issue once I asked my wifi to prioritize my phone which has the companion app running.
Turning off my bluetooth headphones did help which is weird as I never had an issue before with those. I also turned off the VPN on my laptop which seemed to help as well.

Thanks for your help,