Woah there! You're not in the beta just yet. But I can log in via the website

I was invited to the beta but never got around to using Zwift. Today I downloaded the software and started the software. I used my log in credentials and get the 50km 14 day free trial but then on the main Zwift software with the birds flying I am unable to log in and get the Woah there! You’re not in the beta just yet error.

I go online to the Zwift website, log in and my account have the banner up top 50k 14 days free. I click the Join figuring maybe I should just pay and select my country USA and state, get a pop up window about connecting to payment gateway with a spinning animation (not the beach ball of OSX) and there it sits.

Any way I can log in, pay and try out the service?

Guess its back to Training Peaks and intervals instead of the island as I hoped for this weekend.

Hey Joey - we’re looking into your support request. It’s almost something funky to do with the fact you never used your account. Stay tuned!

Hi Scott. If it makes it easier to delete this and I’ll just refer to the support ticket I’m good with that as well 

Hi Scott,

It seems as if support believes its an issue with the desktop software. I even pointed them to your response here yet they are transfixed on the desktop software. 

My OSX on my MBP is a fresh install (no migration) 7 days old with a clean Zwift install 6 days. Main account, I get the error. Test account, I can log in and play.

A 1 day Win 10 install on a separate computer yields the same error as the MBP. I really would like to use Zwift using my main account so please do let me know when it will be resolved.

Also please let Crystal and Jessica know that while I appreciate their help what I have found in my test, along with what you have indicated supports an issue with how Zwift has categorized my account and the desktop software is functioning correctly.

Hi Scott,

I believe, like you pointed out, is the way my account/email was handled from beta to the current version of Zwift. I am unable to update my account to change the email associated with it so I can sign up again with the email I use as I get an error that changes can not be saved. Again most likely due to the how my account was transitioned from the beta.

Can you delete my account so I can sign up again. Don’t care for the 14 days 50km because 50km is way too short anyways. I just want to sign up, pay and get to riding with my email address.

While I’m sure your support line is great the constant request to delete and reinstall the software when I’ve demonstrated it is not the software but the way your system is handling my account is at issue is just getting old.

Is there anyway I can get my account deleted today so I can sign up. I’m trying to give you my money here. :slight_smile:

All the best.

Support edited the permissions on my account as such I was able to log in.

Exactly the same issue here, 6 months later. What was the problem?