New password killed Apple TV? or Zwift? I cannot sign into Zwift with my new password

(lone) #1

Zwift says " Error signing in. Did you change your password?" Yes, in fact, I did change my password. I can get into Zwift on the desktop, and the smart phone, but NOT APPLE TV!!! IT just keeps asking me if I changed my password!!! It offers me no choice but “OK”. Vicious Circle of ■■■■. HELP!!! I want to do the Tour De Zwift tomorrow.

(Paul) #2

You could try uninstalling Zwift and powering down the ATV completely (unplug) and then reinstall Zwift and see if it resolve the issue.

(lone) #3

Thanks. Since sending my message Zwift has mysteriously started working. But Zwift Companion does not work. it seems OK in my LG 44 Rebel Android phone, but not when I am riding the Wahoo. I will uninstall Companion from my phone…and see what happens.

(Vincent) #4

Sorry to hear that! What exactly is not working with your Zwift Companion app?

(lone) #5

IT suddenly started working. That was a long time ago. Sorry about the delay in responding. Today I have another problem…Zwift won;t pair up with my hardware… is it because I forgot and left my phone at another house???. I started a new topic with this question just a minute ago…