New password killed Apple TV? or Zwift? I cannot sign into Zwift with my new password

Zwift says " Error signing in. Did you change your password?" Yes, in fact, I did change my password. I can get into Zwift on the desktop, and the smart phone, but NOT APPLE TV!!! IT just keeps asking me if I changed my password!!! It offers me no choice but “OK”. Vicious Circle of Hell. HELP!!! I want to do the Tour De Zwift tomorrow.

You could try uninstalling Zwift and powering down the ATV completely (unplug) and then reinstall Zwift and see if it resolve the issue.

Thanks. Since sending my message Zwift has mysteriously started working. But Zwift Companion does not work. it seems OK in my LG 44 Rebel Android phone, but not when I am riding the Wahoo. I will uninstall Companion from my phone…and see what happens.

Sorry to hear that! What exactly is not working with your Zwift Companion app?

IT suddenly started working. That was a long time ago. Sorry about the delay in responding. Today I have another problem…Zwift won;t pair up with my hardware… is it because I forgot and left my phone at another house???. I started a new topic with this question just a minute ago…