New phone, Zwift wil not accept my password. WHY?

Zwift was working fine until I got a new phone. (android). Suddenly Zwift asked me for my password to open (in Apple TV). It just asked me if I got a new password… but does not present a screen where I can type or click it in… This is a vicious circle. I am typing on my desktop now. it is the only place where I Can put a password in. I did change my password, because the old one didn’t work. The new one doesn’t work either. What should I do - change my password AGAIN? So thoroughly confused and frustrated there are no words… I cannot even use Zwift… Set new PR on “Surrey Hills” yesterday riding as a new customer on 20 mile free trial… all data lost of course…

HELP!!! Thanks. Lone Woof

Hi lone woof,

I can understand your frustration and I’ll try to help.

Since the issue appears to be with Apple TV and your password, perhaps the issue is that the old password is cached (saved) on the app. You can try pulling the power cord on the back of the Apple TV unit, then plug it back in to power cycle the device. Open Zwift and if you’re having the same glitch with the app, please try deleting the app, then install a fresh copy of it from the app store. Upon reinstalling the app, it should clear out any existing login data and allow you to enter the email and password information fresh.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so, and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.