Hello all…settling up a new machine today,
Everything was on the new desktop except for Zwift!
Question is …do I have to download a new account and then hopefully my old one will be recognised?
Doing that I could end up with two accounts.
I can log on ok and see my profile etc …but not the Zwift screen where you choose an event to ride etc.
Any advice gratefully received…Phil Chapman.

You can log in to your existing account with your email address and password

Do you mean that you can login to the Zwift web site?

You do have to download the Zwift software to ride, but you don’t need to set up a new account for that.

Just go here:

Hi jim yes I can do that ok, but I can’t find the page with all the ride options, watopia, paris, and the list of upcoming events on the right…before I just clicked on the Zwift icon .the log on was automatic …then you went though the sequence with all the catchphrases “turn on your fan” etc ending up on the page to pick your event, its different than before I haven’t, or can’t find that page.

If I do that What happens to my existing account?

Nothing happens to your existing account. This is just a software download. Once the software is installed, click the Zwift icon and log in with your existing account credentials.

I uploaded all the s/w from my old pc & for some reason Zwift wasn’t there.
I didn’t want to download again in case I ended up with two accounts (this happened to me before with strava) after the free trial finished…
As I say I could log on ok but thats all so I guess the program isn’t there( just looked on the list & it’s not)
So I will download again & hope I don’t end up with two accounts!
Might actually ride soon !! Thanks for the tip.
Regards Phil