New auto photo feature on race finishes

Since the recent introduction of the new auto photos that are supposed to happen on the big moments of the ride, I noticed that it correctly takes a photo at the end of a race as soon as I cross the finish line. The problem though is that at that moment the final results/ranking screen is loading and takes a few seconds to show up, so the auto photos of the finish line crossing just shows a big blue scree written “Loading Results…”. Could this be tweaked to add a small delay to that auto photo time so it correctly captures the results screen?

It worked for me somehow yesterday…but not in previous races. Maybe the reason is i also completed the Route and it was just a second later.

Should be fixed next update guys.


Update? ;-[)


I have the same “Results Loading…” screenshot every time… bug still present after recent updates I guess…

Interesting, I thought we had fixed this. Definitely did for mine.

What platform are you using? Are you on the latest version?

Thanks for the very quick response! I’m running Zwift 1.30.0 on MacOS (v12, and since yesterday v13, both the same bug)

Thank you - I’m interested to hear if others are also experiencing the same.

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James - mine are working ok using Laptop.

But your question to us reminds me of a question for you - it might have been posted elsewhere but search on Forum doesn’t quickly bring up anything I can find.

My results screen capture brings up my result against everyone that raced all cats so that in example below I’m showing 240th, I was 24th in C cat. I know enough to quickly (I probably have a minute but sometimes not the strength) to try and change results to C cat and take another screen capture via CA. Lots of sweaty fingers make this awkward but not impossible.

Is there any reason why my results screen defaults to all racers and categories whereas Dejan’s screen capture above seems to default to his B category results only.

No idea Ian :slight_smile:

I wonder if it is anything to do with computer processor/memory as to how quickly it brings up the results and whether the delay we have in place is fine for most, but some slower machines struggle.

Thanks, laptop is very old so possible answer.

( I checked Dejan’s race again and Bs finished before As but that may be irrelevant )

I would be interested to hear from others as to which race results screen capture shot arrives on your screen and into your saved auto photo - is it your category only or all All cats?

I do experience the same “Results loading” screenshot all the time. I am using the latest version on Android tablet (Lenovo Lab M10 Plus 3rd Gen with Android 12).

Likely something with the processor or memory compared to other tablets. I can imagine that fixed delay is not the same on wide variety of devices so triggering the event via code e.g. onceResultsLoaded(), would be more reliable.

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