New 1.27 update

Anyone having issues with new 1.27 update. ERG mode slow to respond on Pc. Seems better as soon as companion is open then it runs better. Also notice cadence issues. Rode a workout last night and was hard to get cadence up in first 20min thereafter all was good.
I also did a calibration on trainer running a Saris but a friend is having similar issues with a Wahoo. His problem is PC related on new update. All was good until new game release🤔

Ive been having similar issues on Zwift. Found it extremely difficult to get cadence up and also power figures are lower resulting in higher effort to maintain specific exercises. Calibration has also been problematic since the update :ok_man:t2:

Sorry to hear about the similar issue Andre. As for now i haven’t seen any response/feedback from Zwift. Many issues about the update has come forward. Most is pc related seems if you using companion some issue’s disappear but the point is Zwift need to fix asap or release the previous version so we can ride problem free and sort out the update for now.

@shooj morning. Possible that that you can look into this problem we having and get some feedback. Much appreciate.