Never had a problem until Play controllers

When the controllers work they add a whole new dimension to Zwift and it’s fantastic . But …

Twice in the last week I’ve started rides and the trainer (Neo 2) feels like it’s in erg mode, ie I hit climbs and it’s easier pedalling then downhill . Have to leave ride , disconnect controllers and restart. On one occasion had to uninstall Zwift app (apple TV).

Also had 3 connection failures ,one of them a km from the top of Puy de Dome portal climb . I have NEVER had this problem since first using Zwift in 2016 .

I think I’ll put the controllers in a cupboard until the bugs are ironed out , not enjoying life on Zwift atm.

I agree. I’ve had 3 dropouts on ATV since the further update to 1.1. Using companion app… literally all devices disconnect and can’t reconnect. This has happened in workouts.

I did a pacer ride yesterday and they worked great. I connected everything in the pairing screen, entered my ride. Disconnected everything and then reconnected everything and teleported to pacer ride. Worked fine.

I agree with you, they are brilliant… When they work.

But they have been marketed as beta at the moment so we should expect some issues.

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Mine just arrived today and cut out halfway during a race which left me stuck on the inside of the road. Got them working again only to cut out again just near the line along with power source (never cuts out)
disappointed tbh as was enjoying it till the first point.
Surely Zwift should take over steering if any issues arise

I have been enjoying Zwift for nearly four years now (since November 2019), and I also never had any problems, until July 3rd.

The most annoying parts were two Zwift application freezes. Between november 2019 and June 2023, my Zwift application never froze. And now in 2 weeks time, my Zwift application froze twice.

**) Of course I had a good amount of Wifi drops, Bluetooth disconnects and Ant+ disconnects, but not that the Zwift application froze; while everything else worked (even the in-game audio continued).

I record all my races, so here are the crashes, out of nowhere:
Today: ✂️ Zwift crash July 17 - YouTube
July 3rd: ✂️ Zwift crash July 3rd - YouTube

For the record, I have not changed anything on my PC, except for a Zwift update in early July… At first I thought it might have been related to the introduction of the Zwift Portal, but let’s not jump intro conclusions.

And yes, it could just be my PC, which is also what I thought after the first crash, but then I read about a lot of people suddenly having their Zwift application freezing. Take a look for example at this topic on Facebook Zwift Racers group:

Now I’ve been reading other topics, here’s also a bug I had never come across over the past 4 years, but suddenly appeared 3 weeks ago:

Every single lap when there was dust, I got big black layers where the dust was supposed to show up, so I couldn’t see anything.

EDIT: Going through the forum, I found out that his one is already fixed:

Same here, ATV4k, bluetooth drop outs on everything come to a standstill. Also a problem on workouts with erg mode, erg mode kicks in but with far too many watts connected via companion app on android phone and tablet if I connect to ATV direct the watts hold perfectly. Also On a group it via companion app I was barely pedalling putting out huge watts.

Hello all,

There’s a few known issues regarding connection with Zwift Play controllers right now that will be addressed in coming updates. (See: Zwift Play Controller connection issues)

If you’re noticing that all of your devices are having connection issues since you started using the Play, this may be a different issue.

Some Zwifters, especially those on Apple TV due to the pairing limit, are now using the Zwift Companion bridge connection to pair their bluetooth devices to Zwift. If you’re in this group and all of your devices are dropping, it may be due to either:

  • the bluetooth connection between your fitness devices and your phone/tablet, or
  • the wifi network connection between your phone/tablet and the device running Zwift

If you haven’t changed your setup, but are still having issues pairing more than just your Zwift Play, this may be an issue in the Zwift app that we can investigate, or it may be an issue occurring outside of Zwift that just coincides with the Play entering the equation. Please feel free to reach out to Support and we can take a closer look at the situation.

I know this threadnis a little old now but i am having issues with the play controllers. They work great but seem to lose connection when i am doing workouts. I lose power from the game and the companion app freezes. This can happen for 40 seconds to a couple of minutes then reconnects.

Apple tv, galaxy s23 ultra

Things i have tried:
Updating firmware on contollers
Turned off smart connect
Tried airplane mode

I havent tried races but normal rides seem ok!? Weird. Anyone else had this? Thanks

Hi @Michael_Baldwin1, Welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. Losing your connection definitely ruins your Zwift experience. You’ve done a great job trying the above troubleshooting. I’d like to suggest you try a hard reset. please try gently pressing and holding the big Z button for 30 secs on the affected controllers, this should restart the unit completely. If the issue persists, please contact our support colleagues. We will be happy to drill down on this.