Neokyo in November!

I agree that not everyone is going to love every map that Zwift releases as different people enjoy different riding experiences. However, Zwift has really released very little this year: as far as I can remember, it’s only been Makuri Islands / Neokyo. There has been no significant development for any of the other worlds and no new long climbs for the people who like to climb.

I’ve been using Zwift since the beta and this is the first release that I haven’t cared enough about to try on the launch day. I’ll give it a go at some point, but I prefer long routes and climbs and Neokyo has neither.

It’s curious why when Zwift has greatly increased its ability to create and deliver content (as Eric Min has said) that the users have gotten so little. I understand that Zwift is currently more interested in attracting new users, but they’ve pretty much neglected the users that have ridden the existing roads over and over, are getting bored and are looking for something new that is more substantial. The new tarmac is relatively short and doesn’t lend itself to the variety of options that a map like Watopia does.

Personally, I’ve been doing more and more of my riding outdoors and now only ride Zwift once a week (this time of year in the past I’d be riding 5 times per week). Hopefully Zwift is planning to deliver more maps during the winter and this is not only map we get, but if it is at least I’ve upgraded my winter cycling kit so I have the great outdoors as a viable option.

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Well some users are getting new content. We know at least one user rides a nice Bahrain Merida Scultura bike in Zwift (I’ve taken screenshots of him on it). So what else might be lurking out there…

Expansions of some of the existing worlds would make me fairly happy. Maybe some extra bits in Watopia. But Innsbruck would seem easiest because you’ve got the real thing to base the new routes from. Timmelsjoch for instance, Kühtai, etc.

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Just a thought, but I wonder how many of those who aren’t enjoying Neokyo due to the darkness and/or its twisty nature are on smaller screens, such as iPads or laptop screens?

I use a decent-sized TV for Zwifting and it’s very immersive.

Clearly not every world will be everyone’s favourite though.

I’m using a 55" TV right in front of me. Definitely not because of a small screen, I don’t like it.


Neokyo is to much like New York, and well New York sucks.

It’s early days and perhaps opinion will change when we get full bloodied races on the course but at the moment the whole Makuri island has missed the boat… Time spent on it would have been better placed in France or Watopia and expanding those worlds.


That doesn’t sound fun :astonished:

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True - I road in there a few times after release, now I won’t anymore. It’s boring and too many small false flat parts. I’ve done a couple of routes, the rest all looks the same so there is no incentive to do those.

I use a laptop for all of my Zwifting and personally I have really enjoyed Neokyo so far . Makuri islands is at the moment my favourite world outside of watopia and I think as more roads (like Mt Fuji) are added over time it will overtake Watopia as my favourite world eventually.