Neokyo in November!

I understand that creating new roads with a high level of detail takes time, but for me the eye candy wears off quickly and what matters more is the length of the courses and the variety of the terrain.

I’m sure Neokyo will be fun for a bit, but flat roads aren’t my thing and the courses are short. To get a long ride in on even the longest course you will have to circle the same roads over and over again, which gets boring.

As far as the roads being filled with cyclists, that’s something I don’t really care so much about. I actually prefer empty roads over crowded roads.

It’s just been a disappointing couple of years for Zwift. Maybe I’m spoiled since I’ve been a Zwift member since Zwift started and am used to more rapid expansion of roads to ride on.

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I just did the update. It took a long time and had multiple steps (unusual).

Update just dropped

I think the “double update” was the same as one of the larger ones previously.

Love the ramen shop at the start of Neokyo All-Nighter! :ramen:

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Who the heck decides to go for the ‘shiny road look’ and then deal with the reflections by presenting a single blurry (bitmap?) that just rotates permanently under the rider and clips at the horizon. Neon road while riding through a park.

Lazy and annoying, It’s like watching a weird inverted aurora or some kind of screen burn-in. Terrible, substandard experience.

Also, Neokyo seems devoid of significant visual landmarks so learning routes is just not going to happen for me. The best way to describe the experience is like a weird sweaty neon theme-park ride where you just lurch around corners from one visual assault to another. What’s with the ‘arcade’?

Just go back to Watopia and get that feeling of open space, gentle movement and horizons. Then take a look at Neokyo and to some extent Makuri in total. So disappointing. Watopia is a true alternative to riding on the road, Neokyo will never be that.

Gotta wonder if any actual users are going your UX testing Zwift, because it really doesn’t feel like it at this point.

And at one corner you share the road with moving cars, which is a minor gripe but as far as I’m concerned you can fire that concept straight into the sun in Zwift-world.


I’m not sure I actually count endless neon lit buildings a scenery. The whole thing’s a claustrophobic mess as best.

Neokyo is not my cup of tea either but maybe there is more Zwifters who doesn’t take this Zwift virtual world seriously as i do. Just wondering for those who are suffering occasionally migraine what this Neokyo do for them. I will probably get my badges from Neokyo and after that i will ride other routes in Makuri Island which are less colourful.


Different strokes for different folks.

I agree that the feeling of being on a huge open map in Watopia cannot be beaten certainly for free riding. I think Neokyo will work well for races.

Hoping they continue to develop Watopia. An undulating coastal route, similar to Costa Brava, would be great.

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In time, as Makuri Islands are expanded with more areas, there will probably be more longer routes that travel through its different areas. Just like in Watopia how you might travel through, say, the desert, Titan’s Grove, the Volcano, etc.

I certainly hope so, anyway. With Neokyo we already have a couple of routes that join Yumezi and Neokyo.

Is there going to be a nice PDF map published for Neokyo like the very stylish and elegant one for Yumezi?

Wow! I absolutely love Neokoyo! I just rode a few routes and the whole place is jaw-dropping.

@shooj Chapeau to the designers and graphic artists who obviously did a huge amount of work to bring this to life.

And it does feel very alive to me - a living, breathing, vibrant cityscape. So much to see at every turn.

I particularly like the Dekotora trucks - a favourite of mine in real life.

And seeing all the trains and trucks carrying mecha parts - could we see a future mecha/kaiju-themed expansion to Makuri? Yes please!


I’d personally like to see Innsbruck expanded with some missing climbs nearby that city IRL. I’ve ridden them IRL and there are some great roads and climbs there. It would make it another nice alternative world.


I for one like that there are choices available (and I am enjoying Neokyo so far). What would be the point of Makuri Islands providing the same experience as Watopia … surely that is the point of having multiple worlds?

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So … if I enjoy Neokyo (which I do), that’s because I don’t take it as seriously as you do?

No sure how you think that works.

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It just the way it is. Some like other Zwift worlds and some like other Zwift world. I like something what is more simple, i meant not too futuristic or colorful. Who knows, over time i might start like it.

I don’t mind the aesthetics of Neokyo. But the map is so convoluted and complicated, I will never learn to find my way round that world. I mean - I still cannot find my way round the NY map and this seems a lot worse. So i don’t think I will be riding it much either, but more because of the layout than the world itself…


I love Neokyo, the map complexity is nicely distracting when you are on daily multi-hour rides, also a fan of the look being reminiscent of the original Blade Runner & futuristic Anime, with Dark Mode Zwift being a nice contrast to the other worlds.
Zwift worlds starting to give us something for everyone, I mean I’ll ride up Mt Fuji at least once when it turns up!

I had the same thoughts and like yourself still find I am not as familiar with NYC as I am with the other worlds.
Did think how similar Neokyo and NYC are, would say at least NYC seems to have more substance rather than just intresting graphics.
Have some more riding to do in Neokyo so maybe it will grow on me, at least to the point so I know where I am.

finding that as “ant night” backgroup on appltv mini map is usually black and the incline overlay is not visible

when can we have crosdection of route on the companion app ?