Neokyo Badge Hunting Series FAQ [November 2021]

not seeing it on zwifthacks…

Edit: Nvm, they are now up on Zwift’s page

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That’s because you are looking only 3 days out, and the series doesn’t start until 5 days from now.


two complaints:

  • i wish events didn’t always start on the hour. it’s often easier (for me) to get into one at the :20 or :30 minute mark.
  • since i struggle to join these on time, i wish that we could “just ride” the route in free-ride mode and still get the credit. some of the routes are pretty short, anyway, so this would be a more optimal way to knock them off the list.

overall, glad to see this sort of “challenge” event, but sometimes the scheduling aspect makes them less than ideal for me. the old “ride 300km in a month” or “do 1500m elevation” or “ride 5 hours this month” type challenges were easier to accomodate.

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Not that this is a perfect solution but, because the only requirement is to complete the route, you can always sign up for a time, then boot up Zwift at the time to start that event and just sit in the pen. Then, go get dressed, eat, whatever, and come back to the bike when you’re ready. You’ll likely be riding alone, but at least you’d be able to complete the stage.


Same for me. I’m new to zwift so I didn’t know you had to ride at a specific time. Did two of the routes today. No credit.

Also very difficult for me to schedule event starts with job and kids.

How do you sign up?

Using the Zwift Companion app is probably the easiest way, though you can also sign up at the link included in the original post at the top of this thread.

Thanks. I will try to catch stage 1 tomorrow. Rode 2 of the stages today but the wrong ones :see_no_evil:

reminder, only by joining one of the events will you get credit. You can’t ride them on your own and receive credit for finishing a stage.

Thanks, didn’t know. I’m new to zwift.

only by joining one of the events will you get credit.

Ok, but that’s not what the announcing email says, “Join a group ride, assemble your squad for a Meetup, or go solo.”


Ok, it’s ambiguous. Yes, you can ride solo or in a Meetup and get a route completion badge. It wasn’t clear that you couldn’t get credit when not in an event for a stage completion, but I can see how it could be read that way.

Not a big deal, I’m here for the exercise. :grin:


Srsly? The anouncement sounded quite different. Then I am out. I am doing my training when I want, not when there is some event scheduled, I got a damn life besides Zwift :exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Facing the same issues, I always call it “I got a lot of life happening besides Zwift” :sweat_smile:

they are scheduled every hour, on the hour, all day long… is it really that hard to fit one in? Especially stage one, it takes like 15 minutes to finish it.

I do agree that the email was very poorly worded! @shooj you may want to point this out to whomever writes the copy for the emails.

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you’re totally right, it’s a first world problem for sure.

i can fit these in no problem on the weekends. on weekdays, though, i only really have 8:10PM ish to 9:10PM ish to ride due to various other factors that are more important than zwifting. 8:30 starts would work much better for me in that case – but almost no zwift-challenge/tour/etc based events start on anything but the hour.

You can always load up Zwift at 7:30pm and sit your avatar by the side of the road and leave. Come back at 8:30 and he should have auto-joined the event and be waiting in the start pens for you. You’ll be all alone, but you get the stage done at least. Not ideal, obviously, as it is much more fun to be in the large groups.

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Apologies all for the “Meetup” part of that erroneous email. It was brought to our attention yesterday, and we made clarifying adjustments to our FAQ (above and on other Zwift web pages).

To be clear - to receive the kit / shoes / helmet unlocks, you must ride in the designated Badge Hunting Series events.

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How is this actually supposed to work?! I signed up, waited for the date the event had definitely started and logged into Zwift. I saw the Neokyo Challenge thing on the left with 4 blobs (that weren’t clickable) under it and did the ride anyway. I got no credit for it other than the ‘You’ve done this route’ badge. There was nothing in the Companion app at all about it either. I only been on Zwift a few months and it does seem to have issues with organisation and communication.