Neokyo Badge Hunting Series FAQ [November 2021]

The November 2021 game release introduces Neokyo, our latest map expansion in the Makuri Islands. Please see the Neokyo FAQ on our Support Hub for your burning questions about Neokyo in general.

This post will discuss the Badge Hunting series of events designed so you can explore both sides of Makuri Islands, and earn route badges, and a special occasion kit along the way!

What is the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series?
The Neokyo Badge Hunting Series highlights Zwift’s newest world, the Makuri Islands, with rides through its latest neon-filled map expansion, Neokyo, as well as the serene countryside, Yumezi.

Ride through four stages and collect four route badges, alongside the Zwift community. To learn more about the series and sign up for an event, visit the badge hunt Event pages.

How do I register for the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series?
We’re just as excited as you are! You can register for the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series at the drop-in screen or by completing any series event.

When does the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series start and finish?
Hunting begins on November 29 and will run through December 19. This series will take you through four stages that travel through Neokyo’s neon-lit streets as well as the serene roads of Yumezi.

What if I miss a stage?
If you miss a stage, we will have all of them in rotation during makeup week. This will occur between December 15 and December 19.

Where can I see my progress?
Within the drop-in screen in Zwift, you will see how many stages you have completed to date.

How many stages and what routes are there for the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series?
There are four stages included in the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series. The routes that are included are Railways and Rooftops, Sleepless City, Wandering Flats, and Temples and Towers.

Can I do a stage more than once?
We admire your commitment to fitness! Each stage can be completed as many times as you like, but will only count towards that specific Neokyo Badge Hunting Series stage’s completion.

What do I get for completing the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series?
Unlocks for completing stages within the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series include a kit at 25%, shoes at 50%, and a helmet at 100%. Additionally, if this is your first time completing the routes, you will also unlock a route achievement badge for each stage you complete.

This kit is great! How can I get one?
By completing a single event, you can unlock a kit! If you want some additional swag, including new shoes and a helmet, complete all four stages prior to December 19. You must join the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series events in order to receive the unlocks.

I’m not seeing an earned unlock for the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series. Where is my unlock?
Not to worry. Anything you unlock during the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series requires you to log out and back into Zwift in order to see it. Check out our article to learn more.

How do I opt-in to make sure I don’t miss any emails?
Simply update your email preferences. Check out our article for steps.

What should I do to prepare?
We’ve got you covered. Our Support Hub has everything you need to get ready. For basic info on getting started, check out this article. If you’re looking for more helpful tips on getting ready for the event days, read this.

What can I do if one or more of my events hasn’t been saved or the kit hasn’t been unlocked after completing all four stages?
There can be a number of technical reasons your activity didn’t count. Among them are game crashes, being logged in on multiple devices, working out after finishing a stage, or not completing the final lap.
The best way to ensure your activity is counted towards the event is to save and exit after you have completed each stage. If you run into any of the above issues despite having completed most of the stage, please reach out to us—we’re here to help!

How can I withdraw from the Neokyo Badge Hunting Series?
We’re sad to see you go, but to withdraw please use this link


This seems like it’s back to front. :wink:


Can’t wait to ride the new roads. Just got the update!

The events link seems to be broken at the moment.


What? Do you usually put on your helmet first, then the shoes and the kit last? :rofl:


Surprised that the Neokyo crit course route is not one of these. Is there a way to get that badge?

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Haha, sounds tricky. :wink:

I meant in terms of the order in which I’d prefer to own them. The helmet is the worst prize, I should get that for the least effort!

With this kit your avatar will just blend into the Neokyo background.


Only if you’re on a Tron

I am looking forward to this event! I love NEOKYO! Zwift have done a amazing job with it! And is that not the best in game kit ever? :star_struck:


@shooj Events link in the OP is wrong. Should be The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


Thanks for catching the typo in the URL! It’s been corrected in the OP

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Hi all!

In the event description it says, the event will start November 29th.

On the menu screen, where I joint the hunt at the top left corner, it says, it starts November 22nd….



Noticed the same. I signed up in-game yesterday, where it stated 22nd start. Started looking around for rides, only to see 29th here.

I was invited to the “Neyoko” badge hunt (latest german Zwift Version on Windows 10) …

The event site The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App returns “No results.” Is the site broken or are the actual events still being scheduled?

Same here. Can’t see any events on the link or through the companion app. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into the routes

I believe they are still being scheduled.

They are showing on Zwifthacks

Edit, make sure to select “all” rather than 3 days or none will show up.

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clearly a typo, events start next Monday the 29th