Badge hunting events this winter?

As a fairly new (okay, mabe really not that new) zwifter, I’m remembering earlier events dedicated for badge-hunters wanting to cooperate in getting the route-badges for longer routes.

Can i expect similar events this winter?

This is not for the longer routes, but there is this event:

I think the events to which you are referring might be the ones that Eric at Zwift Insider put set up. You might want to check over on that site to see if there are any plans.

I’m not sure there was any official Zwift badge hunter rides but there are various groups that regularly do some of the longer routes. Usually weekend. You can try keep and eye on facebook zwift riders or the various individual clubs that I’ve seen hosting such rides like dirt, pack, banditz etc

or your best idea might be to use Events and filter on the route you are looking for to see what is scheduled.

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also using the search term “hunter” will show you a few of the group rides that are specifically titled “Badge Hunters”, there are a few different clubs that regularly do these.

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