Announcing Two New Routes and the Yumezi Badge Hunt [July 2021] [1.15.0]

Hot on the heels of Yumezi’s recent launch comes two new routes—Kappa Quest Reverse and Suki’s Playground. What better way to get the lay of the virtual land than with fun challenges?

Welcome to the Yumezi Badge Hunt.

Going down July 17 and 18, four times each day, this series gives riders a tangible goal in exploring this tranquil, picture-perfect countryside. Whether this is your first time badge hunting or you just want to tap into the contagious enthusiasm from like-minded Zwifters eager to explore some of Zwift’s most interesting roads, you’ll be in the right place.

Kappa Quest Reverse

This scenic reverse loop is filled with temples and shrines. Feel free to work your way through two laps of winding rivers and bamboo forests to make this a longer ride.

Suki’s Playground

Chase your fitness goals on this winding and gentle figure 8 through the idyllic countryside.