Introducing the Makuri Islands and Yumezi Map [May 2021]

With the launch of the new Makuri Islands world and Yumezi map, we’re sure you’ve got a few questions about what’s to come. Let’s break it down:

What do Makuri in Makuri Islands and Yumezi mean?
Makuri (pronounced ma-koo-ri ᐧ マクリ) refers to “sprint(er)” in the Japanese keirin racing format—usually the second or third wheel, who plays an important role in securing a team’s victory.

Yumezi (yu-meh-zi ᐧ 夢路) means “path to dreams.” Yumezi is a Japanese haiku-inspired name, with its two characters (夢路) taken from a poem by renowned Meiji-era poet, Shiki Masaoka.

How can I get to Yumezi and Makuri Islands to ride or run?
Explore all of Yumezi’s fresh roads May 20–30, 2021, when the Makuri Islands are available as a special Guest World on the Zwift home screen. Starting June 1, however, Yumezi will be available for regular rotation. Learn more about Guest Worlds here.

Tell us about the Yumezi region in the Makuri Islands?
Our newest map is inspired by the scenic rural beauty of the Japanese countryside. As you ride or run through misty ginkgo forests on twisting mountain roads, you can practically smell the trees around you. Learn all about it here

Will the roads be a GPS-accurate version of the ones in the Japanese countryside?
No, this isn’t a literal representation of a real-life environment like the Richmond or Paris maps. This is a Zwifty embrace of Japan’s countryside and scenery.

How many new roads and route badges are there?
There are 8 new routes across 17.1 miles of new roads here, which you can read about in more detail on both the Zwift blog and

Will the new routes and elevation profiles be available on ZwiftPower and Strava right away?
We’re working to get route profiles on Strava and ZwiftPower as soon as possible!

What kinds of road conditions can I expect in Yumezi?
Yumezi boasts a wide variety of road types: dramatic climbs, KOM’s, and sprints are all featured in this Japanese countryside-inspired landscape. There’s an abundance of dirt roads as well as a tight, flat, winding road circuit ideal for fast races! You can find detailed route profiles on our blog.

Will event organizers be able to create events in Yumezi?
At initial launch, Makuri Islands and its Yumezi region will only be available for free riding. We are hard at work making this new map available for Meetups and Events. We’ll update this FAQ when that happens.
UPDATE: Events and Meetups in Makuri can be created starting June 28

After May 30, the Makuri Islands will be a regularly scheduled Guest World.

I don’t see Makuri Islands on the Guest World schedule?
Be sure to update to the latest game version! This thread shows you the current version number.

iOS / Android / Apple TV may not auto-update if you’ve disabled that feature. Visit the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store to update manually, if necessary.

This Support Hub article shows you how to select a world to ride or run.

Can I create Meetups and ride with friends in Yumezi?
At launch, the Makuri Islands and Yumezi will only be available for free rides. We’re aiming to add Meetup availability starting Fall 2021. See our Support Hub for instructions.

Can I run in Yumezi?
Absolutely! We gave special consideration to our runners on the “Temple Climb” routes.

All of Zwift’s Running Routes are available on our Support Hub.


Will the map get bigger over time with Mt Fuji, etc…?


Stunning and loving the new theme! Had a cheeky go last night with the world hack but didn’t want to ruin it for today! Woke up 5 am british time to make my way to Yumezi! :grin:🚴‍♂

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Why is this so different to Eric’s Strava upload where he did 21 miles to cover almost all the new roads on the map?

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Probably the sum of all the new route distances, rather than being the unique new road total.

Yeah you’re right. :+1: Not sure it’s how I would describe it.

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Or maybe there’s 26.5 miles of unique roads, which can be covered in either direction?


This has been heavily hinted at several times I think. Eric Min has spoken of a world with the potential to be as big as - or bigger than - Watopia.

Then there are comments such as this one on the Yumezi launch video on YouTube:


I saw a similar hint at “more to come” on Instagram a couple of days ago too; and when you look at the mini map tile for Makuri Islands, there’s a lot of space to fill.

Compare that to the map tiles for London or Richmond for example.

Although the size of the minimap image is the same (4096x4096), they fill their tile much more. My inference here is that they haven’t made Yumezi fill the tile because there’s more to come.

(Of course, they could probably have just altered the map tile at the appropriate time, so I dunno.)


I can see plenty of potential for ‘rebel routes’ or new event-only routes around the castle hill, which would be great for racing. And ‘after party’ events on the tree hill (would it be worth bike-swapping?)

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A wily typo snuck past us. It’s corrected above to 17.1 miles.


i’d add that typo to the hint list :slight_smile:


My thoughts exactly! :rofl:

I rode Makuri Island this morning. It’s such a beautiful map. Congratulations to all the designers and the tech team that were involved. You can feel the love in the execution. I just turned off all the data and enjoyed the view. :grinning:


I don’t understand why Zwift keeps shooting themselves in the foot. I rode all of the available roads in one ride last night (I had to cover a few bits twice to get everywhere). It was great riding across some beautiful landscapes - 41 very enjoyable kilometers (about 25 miles). I should have finished my ride very happy, but instead I was a bit disappointed. It seems like this post said 53 miles to start with, and the email I got certainly says “over 50 miles (80 km) of new roads”. I do appreciate the new map, it’s great scenery and great terrain. I expect the 80km will be what we end up with over the full Makuri Islands, so it is probably coming, but it isn’t here. If only I hadn’t been promised more just before I saw it I would be delighted!
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get over the disappointment eventually, and just appreciate the good work!


I’m in love.

With Yumezi.

Chapeau to the graphic artists, world builders and everyone else involved in building Yumezi. It’s stunning. The “hide display” button was made for this.


At least there is one very Fujiesque mountain visible somewhere in the background…


It was a typo

If it was a typo then it was two typos, because they said “50 miles (80 km)”. They specified the distance twice, same number, different units. Of course it is possible that they made two typos that by chance matched mathematically, but really I don’t think it was a typo.


or, as most are speculating, there will be additional roads released as the Olympics near and they accidently released the end total number of miles/kms. This might also explain why meetups have been delayed for this new world?

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