Create Meetups and Events in Makuri Islands [June 28 2021]

Hi Zwifters!

When we launched the Makuri Islands map last month - some of you asked when we’d open it up for Events and Meetups. We’re happy to say that’s coming June 28.

Meetups are a great way to create a private event with up to 100 friends. Selecting the Meetup Only view is a way to experience the beautiful new world with nobody but your friends around you. This Support Hub article shows you how to create a Meetup and invite friends to join…

This also means that event organizers can shake up their events on the public Zwift HQ calendar by holding them in Makuri Islands.


Hi. Can you tell me when the update will drop. I’ve got a bunch of eager ride leaders :slight_smile:

We still on schedule for meetups to work today?

Works on my Android version of the companion app, last update was May 26th according to the Google Play store. App version is 3.26.1 (1246) Server version 1.243.0

Great. Might have to do a manual update.

Same as Mike, mine is working too. Zwift must have just thrown a switch at their end to enable this.

Had the correct version but needed to log out then back in to make it work.

Hmm, I can create a meetup but I can’t schedule an event in Makuri. Does the event admin site need to be updated still?

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Any update on when we can select these courses for events?

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